Volt or Zipcar?

A Cambridge resident ponders how to replace his 20-year-old Jeep.



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    Don't believe the anti-Volt hype

    Most reviews of the Volt are quite positive, with the obvious caveat that they're too expensive for what you get. You characterization as the Volt as a "disaster in almost every way" is way off base. I read the Volt is outselling the Prius if you compare each vehicle's first year sales. The sad thing is the Volt has gotten so politicized, since it's just an interesting vehicle.

    ZipCar has plug-in hybrid Priuses in Boston now

    Or would the plural of "Prius" be "Prii"? Either way, they're here. One at Prudential Center parking garage, another in a garage near Kendall, that I know of. I've driven them a couple of times and they're very nice, not readily distinguishable from a regular Prius.

    I'd think of getting one but it'd be hard to run an extension cord out my fifth-floor apartment window. There's a recharging station a few blocks away at a parking garage but I think I'd have to pay to park there to use it.

    Try zipcar first

    If it doesn't work out for you, you will have saved a bit of money during your months without a car (the best weather months are coming up, too), and you can always go buy a car later if needed.