West Roxbury Burger King has license suspended for two days for opening when its license was suspended for two days

The Boston Licensing Board today ordered the Burger King on VFW Parkway to shut for an additional two days after a police detective found it open on the first day it was supposed to be shut as two-day punishment for staying open late without permission.

Lt. Stephen Meade told the board at a hearing Tuesday that while the dining room was closed on Aug. 27 as part of the restaurant's penance, the drive-thru continued to serve customers. Meade said he checked this by getting into the drive-through lane himself and, when he got to the ordering station, was asked for his order. He said the person behind him got served as well.

A restaurant manager apologized for what she said was a mixup. She drew the ire of board Chairwoman Nicole Murati Ferrer for saying she did not immediately shut things down when Meade arrived because she works for a large company and had to make a number of phone calls to both her workers and her own managers to let them know about the shutdown and because the two served people "begged" the worker to serve them.

"You don't get to have special treatment because you're a big corporation," Ferrer told her.



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