When Maine quakes, Boston shakes

Weston Observatory seismograph record.Weston Observatory seismograph record., Oct. 16, 2012.Earthquake around 7:12 in southern Maine was felt all over the Boston area.

You feel it? Area tweeters, of course, were all over it:



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    I was on my computer, cruising on google when it hit.

    The floor and the walls seemed to shake somewhat, along with dishes rattling, and a low rumbling sound. It passed about as fast as it came on, but it was a little. bit. eerie!.

    I think that it also caused Aziza's (Aziza is the name of my 2.5 year old pet Congo African Grey Parrot.) drinking water to spill out of its cage dish, because I had to replace Aziza's drinking water even though I'd replaced it afew hours before! Weird!

    5th floor

    Felt it on the 5th floor in Beacon Hill. At first I thought it was the wind......though the wind cannot shake floors. Quite scary, never felt one in Boston before. My toddler looked up at me with a confused look on her face.

    My bed was rockin' because the quake came knockin'.

    Or something like that. I had been napping and was half awake, it felt like my bed was moving from head to foot. I jumped up and ran into the kitchen where my housemate was cooking, he felt it too. The shockwave spread quicker on Facebook than it did on the USGS site, as about a minute later, there were about thirty posts about it, while the USGS hadn't updated it yet (to the USGS's credit, it was posted soon after.

    Definitely felt it in Brighton

    First thought: wow, my computer has a "rumble" peripheral. Second thought: no wait, it doesn't. Third thought: car backed into the house. Fourth thought: no noise! must be earthquake!

    Finally! I missed last year's earthquake by being in California, of all places.

    Never realized how good my car's shocks are

    Didn't feel a thing!

    My wife, however, greeted me at the door, around 7:20 p.m. by exclaiming she thought we'd just had an earthquake - she was on the couch and she said it started shaking, almost like somebody was sitting on the other end and rocking back and forth.

    Naturally, I dropped the grocery bags I had and called up Twitter on my phone - to what was already a flood of quake reports.

    I was on the campus of

    I was on the campus of UMass-Boston sitting in a classroom
    and lo and behold the room started shaking. I first thought
    "Is that an earthquake? Nah, must be construction. But
    construction doesn't send out "waves" of motion."

    It as fucking awesome to find out that it was indeed an earth

    Does anybody know about the 'quake? Bullshit!

    second quake in 14 months

    Felt it in Roxbury. That's the second quake felt in Boston in 14 months - last one had its epicenter in VA in Aug. 2011. I thought it was the Left Coast that was supposed to fall into the sea because it sits on a fault line....

    Reason for disparate reports (Brighton, etc)

    I read earlier in an article that the varied geology of the region is generally responsible for the acute amplification (or nullification) of the earthquake effects. As I understand it (not a geologist), having solid rock seams in the substrata and above can help to transmit the energy of an earthquake further, while softer packed soil will absorb it like a dampener.

    Our local expert on why so many people felt it

    John Ebel of the Weston Observatory was on WBUR this morning and said that even minor quakes like last night's are likely to be felt over a much greater area than an equivalent quake in California, mainly because our rocks are "cold" while theirs are "hot." I'm assuming he was talking about the rock layer under all our dirt and stuff, not the sort of rocks you dig up while planting a garden.