Why Aerosmith is playing Comm. Ave. today

No, they're not trying to tie Allston up in knots - that's just a side bonus. From a press release:

The Music Museum Of New England (MM/ONE) is launching the Boston Music Trail by unveiling the first of several markers honoring sites significant to the musical history of the city. The marker will be installed at 1325 Commonwealth Avenue in Brighton, where Aerosmith lived together and rehearsed in the basement when the band first moved to Boston in 1971 to begin its storied career. ...

The first phase of the Trail, involving six locations, is being funded by Music Drives Us, a foundation created by Ernie Boch Jr., of the renowned automotive family, to support music education, preservation and awareness throughout New England.



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This can't even be called a "concert"

it's a music video shoot, my sources tell me. A piece of shit promotional video for a piece of shit record that the band and their management think will overcome the weak numbers for their last record.

So while the people who trudge over there thinking they're seeing a "concert" will find out the hard way that they are merely unpaid extras in a video shoot. Also, and please someone correct me if I'm wrong, if it's shot on a Monday, don't they avoid paying the union rates for shooting on a Sunday?

remember when aerosmith....

handed out handheld cameras(early 80s) to a few dozen fans for a video shoot at the orpheum? 'let the music do the talking' from the 'srorrim htiw enod' album. rock stars are so much better when they are young and livin on the edge.

steven tyley used to hide seconals in the scarves he had wrapped around his mikestand, maybe today he has 100, that pharmicist is going to be pissed.

Feel better now?

There seem to be a lot of people trying to prove to the rest of us how cultivated and superior their tastes in music is by bad-mouthing Aerosmith. What ever makes you feel better about yourself. I won't disillusion you by pointing out that no one really cares about your taste in music.

They played for nearly an hour, mostly older stuff, some new stuff. It was streamed on-line free for those of us who didn't want to fight with the crowds. Those crowds seemed to be enjoying themselves, as did I. Sounds like a concert to me.