Another street worker arrested on gun charges, this time, though, for a potentially life-ending injury

The Herald reports the man arrested yesterday on gun charges after police found a woman shot in the head in Dorchester is a city street worker who is supposed to steer kids away from violence and the son of a prominent local minister active in anti-violence work. Father claims shooting was just an accident when son was cleaning his gun but that, yeah, the gun is illegal, the Herald reports.

On Jan. 14, another street worker, employed by a Boston Foundation program, was arrested on a charge of illegal possession of a firearm, along with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and hiring a woman for sex.



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    Nice work

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    Boston Foundation *sarcasm off*

    Kids living in some neighborhoods have an awfully up-hill battle. Even the institutions and people who're suppose to help them are dirty hustlers.


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    Setting aside the cronyism, we're hiring street workers based on the idea that they've had similar life experiences as these kids and can have some rapport with them, but I have to wonder if that's really a great qualification. First, we've seen that some of these workers aren't exactly modeling good citizenship, but do we really want role models who aren't qualified for much more than youth worker jobs? I feel like what we really want these kids to have are role models who can show them something about life outside the streets. Maybe I'm naive but I think you can develop rapport with kids by being respectful and showing interest in them and having been through what they're going through is secondary.