At Chinatown station, man learns that was no lady, that was an undercover cop

Transit Police report arresting a Beverly man last night after he allegedly offered to pay an undercover officer $40 for what police call "oral copulation."

Police say the officer was on the inbound Orange Line platform around 6 p.m. when Handell Liburd, 33, approached her and began to chat with her:

Liburd eventually directed the conversation to the topic of making money and inquired if the UC police officer was interested in earning some US Currency. Liburd then bluntly offered the female UC officer 40.00 dollars to perform oral copulation on him.

Nearby officers then swooped in and arrested him on a charge of soliciting sex for a fee.

Innocent, etc.



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Give the T-girls credit

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These girls deserve credit from the riding public for risking their lives to capture the perverts who ride the rails. I wonder what specialized training they have to go through before they go on pervert patrol.


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Bitch shut the fuck up... This didn't really happen, this man I've known for almost 10 years and he did not do this has never been in trouble.. He was set up obviously.. He doesn't talk to anyone and they say he started the convo yea fucking right... They are doing this to a lot of people just to make money for there pig fucking disgusting mbta police force... Bull shit liessss and if you have anything to say Say it to my face you dumb fucking bitch I'm looking for your ass and the whore mbta officer who lied about this black and blue eyes in your future if I ever catch you... Or worse watch out bitches!!!!!!


... with friends like that sticking up for you, who needs enemies?

Oh My

Are you jealous that he offered her money for her services? Or just clueless about the fact that people will sometimes act a certain way with strangers that they would never dare to with their tribe?

So, Swirly, speaking of which,

I've been a fan of yours for some time, and I just cashed my paycheck and all, and I've been meaning to ask you, umm... what was it that I was meaning to ask you again?


Well, whatever it was, if I'm not up for it I might know someone who would consider it to be performance art.