Citizen complaint of the day: When did the city hire Rube Goldberg?

Hydrant and trash can

A concerned citizen doesn't think much of the unusual engineering solution to a leaky hydrant on Union Park Street in the South End:

There is so much water being wasted through the pipe attached to this hydrant. It has been like this for trip weeks now.

Ed. note: Maybe the complainer meant "three weeks?"




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      Was Dr. Suess Involved?

      Looks like the Cat in the Hat has something to do with this "repair".

      With time, it could become a moss-covered, three-handled, family hydrantza!

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      Trips is a card playing term

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      Trips is a card playing term for three of a kind. That waste bucket looks like it is an after the fact addition by maybe a concerned citizen , dont think a water dept. work truck would have that in their tools, as it looks like that hydrant was the choice to feed a temporary main, and once the pipe was laid out it was too late to reconfigure it , so they had to go with the leaky faucet. That hydrant repair might be on some other dept.'s authority, and dime , to fix.

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      blame it on the little guy in the yellow hard-hat. There is something seriously wrong if they haven't fixed this in 2 weeks.

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