Don't they teach to cross at the green, not in between anymore?

Boston Police report three people became hospital patients early this morning when they darted out from behind a van right into the path of a car traveling down Dot. Ave.

Police say the three stepped into the road near Edison Green around 12:34 a.m.:

The operator stated she never saw the three individuals until it was too late and she couldn't stop or avoid the accident. Officers spoke with a witness on scene who reported the same account.

Two women, 28 and 32, and a man, 29, were taken to area hospitals. All are expected to survive. The driver was not cited.



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I hate to say this, but...

...crossing between intersections is usually easier and less confusing. There are fewer directions of traffic to consider.

Darting straight out into the road is not how I'd go about it, though.

Right on red

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Crossing at intersections can be dangerous for the pedestrian because of the damn right turn on red law. Pedestrians who have the RIGHT OF WAY and are crossing when the light is with them and says "walk" are constantly put at risk by drivers making right turns and flying through the intersection. Right on red needs to be abolished.

Right on Red

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is less of a problem in the city, since most roads don't allow it.

Right on green WHILE giving foot traffic the walk signal is a much worse problem IMO.

Mass Ave and places around the back bay always seem to have someone almost getting clipped due to impatient drivers trying to plow through.

No Turn on Red

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Probably the most disregarded sign on the roads. I think NYC has it right by banning it outright within the city.

But turn-on-red does usually get people to stop and look, unlike turn-on-green as you say ;)

Although they usually are looking in the wrong direction...

Um this is typical pedestrian

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Um this is typical pedestrian behavior in Boston. If you are not prepared for someone to run out and cross in front of your car at any time you are not driving safely. It happens all the time everywhere, especially near the universities (duh).
Maybe that is where they need to teach it!!!

Yeah what happened to "too

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Yeah what happened to "too fast for conditions"?

If you cant stop, youre going too fast. You must always be scanning the road, not just looking straight ahead.

Need to teach Xing the road at Uni?

Yes, there certainly is a need for classes in remedial life skills at colleges and universities, including looking both ways before crossing a street. It used to be less important to look both ways on one way streets, but more cyclists ignoring traffic laws are a danger.


Cyclists? More MOTORISTS ignoring traffic laws are a danger. There are at least 4 one-way streets or street segments in my immediate neighborhood - including the one I live on - on which drivers routinely go the wrong way.

Can't expect self-preservation

Can't expect self-preservation behavior when there is competition for a Darwin Award!

Seriously, too much nanny state applied to roads and everything else in life breeds complacency and lack of awareness for potential safety hazards. Studies show that low traffic speeds causes more risk taking by pedestrians and more jay walking.

Crosswalks have no written contract that vehicle operators will 100% always see and stop for pedestrians in time. Jay Walking can be safer because pedestrians more likely cross the road with more caution and less faith (that all see them and can stop).

BTW, wearing all dark clothing at night is stupid too, even if the tire marks show less when getting run over.

Translating this for what he really means

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based on his previous comments:

I own a car and that make me special. Instead of giving me special responsibilities, I think it gives me special rights. I shouldn't have to slow down, yield, or even stop for anybody or anything. I can't feel the g-forces on a corner if there is a stop light or a crosswalk nannystating on my precious testosterone overdrive!

If people want to be outside of their houses at all, they should have to have a car. Otherwise, I think that I should be able to run them over and kill them, and then blame them for being outside of a car in the first place because i can't be expected to follow basic road laws! I HAVE A CAR!!!!!!

that's what they get. Some

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that's what they get. Some pedestrians think they can just cross whenever and cars will be able to stop on a dime. From teens lazily strolling across, to the nitwits too busy texting to look up for a second, too many people think they are invincible.

Pedestrians are much worse than drivers

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What part of 'darted out from behind a van' doesn't put 100% of the fault squarely on the pedestrians in this situation?

I walk daily and drive maybe once or twice per week. (And bike occasionally). Mostly down-town, and occasionally in Dorchester or Roxbury. From Mattapan to the Financial District, I'm positive that pedestrians are much, much worse violators than drivers.

I honestly don't care if people cross on a red or in the middle of the intersection, but if they aren't in a crosswalk or have the walk-light, they should at least look both ways (all 4 ways for right on green) and yield to approaching cars.

Darwin won in this situation. I hope the people are ok, but I am also very sympathetic to the driver in this situation.