Donut and Donuts and giraffe

Donut and Donuts

Yesterday was Drive Aimlessly through Quincy Day here at Chez Universal Hub. We couldn't help but stop to admire the donut shop with the best name ever in the history of donuts, on Hancock Street, and the 15-foot-tall giraffe made entirely of car bumpers outside this mall at Burgin Parkway and Granite Street.




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Is that the same shop that

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Is that the same shop that used to be in the Oak Grove T stop? Looks awful familiar...

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And that still exists at Sullivan Square

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I don't know for a fact, but I'm going to say yes - that name is just too insanely fabulous for two different people to come up with at the same time in the same metro area.

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That giraffe...

...will make a road trip to Quincy worth the price of admission this spring...

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You don't even have to drive

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You don't even have to drive -- it's maybe a five minute walk south of the Quincy Center T stop.

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Donut and Donuts Logo

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If I recall correctly, Donut & Donuts original logo was nearly identical to the well recognized Dunkin' Donuts logo. Orange DONUT above pink DONUTS in that unmistakable Dunkies font. I couldn't find a web reference but I seem to remember a news story years ago where Dunkin' either sued or warned that they would sue if Donut & Donuts didn't change their signage.

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