Election roundup: Let's not forget the city-council candidates

The eight at-large council candidates will debate at 5:30 p.m. today in Northeastern's Blackman Auditorium.

Looks like Bill Linehan and Suzanne Lee will debate after all, 6 p.m. at the Lithuanian Club, 368 W. Broadway in South Boston. The South End News reports on a forum featuring Lee and Linehan last week.

Wicked Local Roslindale has answers from District 5 candidates Jean-Claude Sanon and Tim McCarthy on housing and schools and District 6 candidates Matt O'Malley and Luis Valerio on schools.

The Globe walks around Humboldt Avenue with John Connolly and Egleston Square with Marty Walsh.

The Herald surveys the all-out war for votes in the East Boston casino referendum.



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    Don Saklad

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    He's running on a platform of verbatim written transcripts of City Council meetings.

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    Those Globe stories were so cliche it hurt...ouch.

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    District 8 Debate

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    7:00 pm Wednesday, October 30th at the Church of the Advent at 30 Brimmer Street (Flat of Beacon Hill).

    Mike Nichols v. Josh Zakim

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    Sorry, Josh

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    I gotta pull for Mike Nichols. Loved The Graduate.

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    Don't forget about District 7

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    District 7 is the most critical race in this election cycle.
    Where are all the bodies piling up?
    Where do the greatest disparities exist in health, education, employment and poverty?

    Jamarhl Crawford is a Write-In Sticker Candidate for District 7 Boston City Council
    endorsed by: Mel King, Dianne Wilkerson, Doris Bunte, Min. Don Muhammad, Bill Owens, Pastor Bruce Wall, Bishop Felipe Texeira and more...

    District 7 forum TONIGHT 5:30 PM at Hibernian Hall

    District 7 Voters Guide

    Voting is closed. 11

    Endorsed by every crooked

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    Endorsed by every crooked politician responsible for keeping the district down the past several decades? Good Lord that isn't something to be proud of.

    Voting is closed. 12