Elegant trio walk out of Newbury Street boutique with a $20,000 mink coat - without paying for it

Boston Police are looking for two men and a woman for some expensive shoplifting around 5 p.m. at the Akris Boutique, 16 Newbury St.

All three were in their 50s and spoke with a European, possibly Russian, accent.

One man was 6'2" and wore a long navy-blue pea coat, navy-blue pants and a navy-blue tie. Another man wore glasses and had a mustache. He was clothed in a khaki trench coat accented with a yellow scarf.

One man wore a knit winter hat; the other a scally cap.

The woman was 5'3" and slim, wore a winter knit cap and carried a small silver Neiman-Marcus bag.

They were last seen walking outbound on Newbury.



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Why no security camera?

Video surveillance is less than $1k anymore. if you have merchandise that valuable, why isn't their photo plastered all over. Clearly a store owner didn't invest in security. Now they know why it's important. Don't blame the clerk!

I'd be surprised if they didn

I'd be surprised if they didn't have surveillance. They just haven't gotten around to making the images. Geez man, it just happened a few hours ago. It will take some time to get the images out and "plaster" them around, don't you think?