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As has been well reported by several news outlets (and on this blog), a total travel ban is now currently in effect in Massachusetts. Yet, at least one of the local stations is continuing to broadcast traffic reports.



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"We're exempt!"

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"Look at how empty route 128 is... Here comes a plow!"

Jeepers -- why don't they just stick with the fixed traffic cams?

Emergency workers, etc

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Emergency workers, first responders, commuting hospital workers, and MEMA peeps probably all still find traffic reports useful.

Re: Emergency workers, etc

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True but what I'm suggesting is that the local stations don't need to stick additional people and equipment on the roads when sites like MassDOT already provide the same info (less reporter with microphone making snowballs and adding to the drinking game).

I don't find MassDOT's

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I don't find MassDOT's traffic information very useful.

And giving a traffic report is different from filming a reporter in a storm.