Man learns he wasn't driving a bus in South Boston this morning

Guy drives into tunnel.

Photo by MBTA.

UPDATE: Transit Police now say the man they arrested was actually William Tilton's brother, James and that James is now in a heap of trouble both for the OUI arrest and for identifying himself as his brother when arrested.

William Tilton, 58, of Wilmington faces an OUI charge today following his arrest by Transit Police in the Silver Line tunnel off D Street early this morning, after his car came to a rather sudden stop, thanks to the barriers designed to deploy to stop people like him, the MBTA rerports.

South Boston District Court Judge Michael Bolden released Tilton on his own recognizance with the condition that he remain alcohol-free, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Tilton told police he'd had "two or three beers" but wasn't drunk, the DA's office says, adding he blew a .15 on a breath test.

Tilton said he was coming from the Bruins game and that a friend had told him to take the tunnel, the DA's office says.

Innocent, etc.



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These barriers must suck

Unless he was doing 100 MPH, they should have closed before he got to them. Seriously, though. What's the use? If someone wants to do harm somehow, they'll just drive really fast and make it in before the gates close.


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The solution clearly is to have TSA workers at every subway portal to prevent such a gross breach of security.

Having the bus wait for just

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Having the bus wait for just two barriers to open (a pole and a high-strength barrier) isn't enough. If we want to keep the title of the World's Slowest and Most Expensive Bus, we need at least seven barriers.

I know at least one of the

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I know at least one of the tunnels have additional barriers that rise out of the ground.

3 prior OUI convictions? Why

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3 prior OUI convictions? Why does this guy still have his license? What is wrong with our state?

In two words

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Defense attorneys. In two more words - bad judges. And in two additional words - appeals process

In three words

Poorly written laws.

This doesn't seem to happen in all states - but MA is one of the more casual when it comes to killing people with cars.

The non-enforcement of laws is the big problem, imho.

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That's because the Bay State doesn't enforce the laws the way it should, and allows incompetent or lazy judges and/or defense attorneys take the easy way out and allow drunk drivers to continue to do their dirty work. Rather sickening, imho.

Damned good questions:

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3 prior OUI convictions? Why does this guy still have his license? What is wrong with our state?

are damned good questions. There's something totally perverse about the fact that the Bay State still lets the guy loose on the road without pulling his license despite 3 prior OUI convictions. It's probably because there are enough people out and around who really don't give a wet rat's ass about who gets killed or permanently maimed due to somebody's having had afew too many drinks and then getting behind the wheel of his car, ultimately turning it into a lethal weapon. What a disgrace!!