Mayor Menino wuvs you

Declares all parking meters free on Valentine's Day:

Whether you’re showering yourself, a friend or a special someone with love this Valentine’s Day, we want to make it as easy as possible for residents and visitors to spend some time and money at Boston businesses and restaurants tomorrow. Get out there and share the love!

Ed. note: Hmm, what about those of us who frequent business districts without meters? Will meter maids go around handing out quarters?



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Just pray that

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the parking spot is not full of snow. Happy V-Day!

What a joke

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Does anyone really think people are now going to come into the city on a thursday night for dinner if they weren't going to before? No. Basically it's taking money out of the city's pockets in the hopes that people spend more at private stores/restaurants? What about free meters after 6pm so all the construction workers/delivery guys still have to pay up during the day.

It's moot

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Because everyone made their reservations weeks ago.

I do casual V-Day. I dressed up once, and I got freezing cold slush water in my dress shoes. Lesson learned.

Also moot

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Because the meters themselves are, for the most part, completely inaccessible to both people wanting to park and people who service them.

All Mumbles is doing is making himself look good by pronouncementifying an already futile situation.


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Driving in town today, 65% of the parking meters cannot be parked at because of snow keeps you from getting within 5' of the curb.
The City's businesses lost enough money the past week because of lack of snow removal. Another day is not going to kill them.

What a terrible idea

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The whole point of the parking meters is to make it easier for people to find a parking spot when they do want to visit a business nearby! At least... if they were set to proper prices instead of being dirt cheap.

Notice how it becomes extremely difficult to find a spot once the meters shut off at night? Without the meters, there's no incentive to leave, and there's no turnover of customers. This move is bad for business.

It's like that example last year when the Chinese government decided to suspend all highway tolls in honor of a holiday -- the result was possibly the biggest traffic jam in all of history.

Let's shatter another myth;

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Let's shatter another myth; here's one example... on Sat. you can park in a private lot or garage in the Seaport area all day for $5.00... on street meter parking is $1.25 an hour. During work days, in the same area, private lots are, if you get in early $14 for all day parking. If you parked at meter and fed it from 8-5 it would cost you $11.25(plus maybe, $25.00 for your citation but we won't count that); cheaper but not as big a difference as the Globe would like you to believe.
And there is a big difference between the financing of city street parking and the financing of private lot parking, which should be reflected in the cost. The difference is that we the car parking, tax paying public paid for the street and the parking place and we pay for its upkeep.

Meter feeding doesn't work

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We went 10 minutes beyond time in a four hour spot and got a ticket, as did most of the vehicles on the block (we usually do the $14 thing, but it didn't make any sense that day because we didn't get into the city until around noon due to morning appointments).

Not complaining - we broke the rules, we got nailed. However, enforcement is pretty strict. You have to actually move your car around and pack a lot of quarters to make it work.

Lucky for me

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I don't have to fight for a parking space.

Enjoy your circling around the block.

other modes

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Shall we assume all the meter readers will be out clearing snow banks at intersections and abandoned properties to extend the love to pedestrians?


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Take your booty and retire to Florida already. The Gulf coast is really nice.