Minority officers say it's time for Davis to go

The Globe explains.



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    Jerome Hall-Brewster

    Should be the one to go. Doesn't live in Boston and was promoted after a 2007 attack on an individual for filming him on the Common. If he was White this would be a non-issue. Race has nothing to do with his demotion.


    there is a residency

    there is a residency requirement when you work for the city of boston

    I agree, people should be able to live where they want, however this stupid rule has been in effect for yrs

    legit question

    Isn't there a residency requirement for all city employees? Are police exempt?

    Also, the rush to judgment on this detective's case is nauseating: we've heard only one side of the story, the administration's ... ah, I've really got to develop the discipline to stop reading Herald comments.

    To apply to be a police

    To apply to be a police officer, you must a be a Boston resident for a least one year prior to applying. Once hired, police officers and firefighters are required to live in Boston for 10 years.

    not you

    I honestly meant real Herald comments, which I'd been reading just before coming to UHub - comments in which this ex-detective is already convicted and executed for his cold-blooded single-handed murder of that kid in South Boston ...

    See notes above on 10 year rules

    10 year rule - I believe that's accurate - cops and firefighters can move out with 10 years seniority. I think teachers may also be exempt (can anyone clarify). I think most others have stricter rules.

    Personally I think this rule is horsehockey politics. City employees vote and they vote for the person who signs their paychecks as long as that person never cuts bennies, pensions, salaries and preferably not heads unless unavoidable. It's a control mechanism for entrenched politicians.

    Hire the best employees for the job - and I don't care if they are residents or not. If you want them to live here so badly, create an environment where they WANT to live here - Boston has so much to offer - but if you don't have good schools and reasonably priced housing - city employees will opt out if they can.


    Is this for real? That moron got demoted for not doing his job (slap on the wrist) instead of getting booted out and slapped with a wrongful death suit, and he's trying to play the race card? What's next, is he going to pull a Lauryn Hill and blame slavery? It's bad enough when under-performing minority employees are able to play the race card and extort undeserved promotions, and now this? Will this PC BS ever end?

    I agree with Finn

    BPD as an organization is totally racist (see their Newsletter fiasco last year). But the MAMLEO should stick up for their colleagues only when those they truly deserve it. They shouldn't fight for the right of black cops to be as incompetent and lazy as white cops.


    Wrong assumption

    BPPA put out the offensive newsletter. BPPA is not the BPD just as MAMLEO is not the BPD.

    Both are associations of officers. Some members of MAMLEO are members of BPPA and some members of BPPA are members of MAMLEO.

    time for this group to go

    I am so sick and tired of the race card being played in almost every single thing that occurs
    Fact of the matter is he dropped the ball back in the fall of 2012 with the woman who got attacked in Mission Hill....
    Fast forward and now we have one lady dead and 2 others who were attacked by the individual that this officer should had done his job correctly back in 2012.

    Seems to me that perhaps this officer should be the one to go.....the city has already had to pay out monies to people who sued this cop and now this current incident.
    If he were white would you hear this outcry from this so called minority group"

    that is all they are capable of doing is playing the race card...how about they accept it for what it is...a bad cop .



    I want to see what the investigation entails. From what I heard the guy was basically a transient and didn’t have an address. Was he picked up since the attacks a few weeks ago? If you don’t know where a person is, if no one will give you any information on his whereabouts, and he doesn’t get into minor trouble with law enforcement; how pray tell are you supposed to find him?

    We don’t like in a fictitious CSI world. The police can’t snap their fingers and always get their man, and sometimes great outcomes do come down to pure luck.

    It’s quite possible the detective did follow up on all leads he had, but it led nowhere. A one off assault cold case then got thrown to the back of the pile to focus on murders, gang activity and drugs. Now that might all be hogwash, but lets see why it fell through before pointing fingers.


    There might be an excuse for this, but being a transient isn't one of them.

    There are dozens of arrest warrants issued every week for criminals who don't have addresses. If you have probable cause for an arrest, you get a warrant for that person.

    Now lets say the victim saw the picture of the person on the license and said "nope, not the guy", then there would be no case (or at least he would be found not guilty after identification issues). Then maybe the detective could at least say he didn't have probable cause to arrest, but this one isn't going to add up in the end. He fucked up.

    Might be an interesting Mike Ross press conf. today

    11:30 a.m., 61 Columbia Rd:

    Mike Ross will today address diversity issues at the Boston Police Department at a press conference being held at the headquarters of the Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers. Last Friday, Ross criticized the BPD after learning that of the 21 officers that tied for top scores on the sergeant’s exam, nine were racial minorities — and none were among the five picked for promotion. On Saturday, the BPD announced they were promoting two additional African-American officers. Ross will be joined in his press conference by representatives of the Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers, who also criticized the BPD's recent promotion decision.

    Diversity Issue

    Like MAMLEO crying until BPD revoke promotions for two white cops who scored the highest on their exams for two black cops who scored far lower. Promotions should be granted based on merit not the pigmentation of ones skin.

    All 'City of Boston' employees should live in the city.

    1) All 'City of Boston' employees should live in the city. Especially when it comes to the fire & police. Take an active roll in your neighborhood - it might help out. I don't want to hear the excuse for police - 'people will know where we live' boo-hoo - the internet tells me where you live, what you do and how much you paid for your house in marshfield. Lastly you are a MUNICIPAL employee - if you wanted to make 6 figures - you should have gone to law school - become a doctor.

    2) Davis is going to be taking a big time national security roll