Orange Line service halted after person drives motorized scooter onto tracks at Green Street

Around 12:15 p.m. on the inbound side. Photo of the scooter on the tracks.

John reports he watched the guy get helped up and his scooter retrieved, says he almost drove off the platform a second time.

A T spokeswoman says the person declined medical attention and that service was delayed for about 18 minutes.



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Takes me where I want to go, where will it send me?

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Um, no. Don't know of any actual accidents with those. Will have to ban them in the name of hating different, though.

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By on's a "Hoveround," not a Hovercraft.

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Sorry Adam, I wasn't the one to helped him back on the platform.

I was on the Southbound train held outside Green st as this was cleared up. (he had fallen on the Northbound track) As we finally pulled in, the scooter was back on the platform, and T folks were helping him into it. (Not sure how long between him falling and this recovery).

Our train was being held doors open so we saw the end of the event. Everyone asks if he's OK, and he says he's fine, and hits the throttle. but instead of forward he rockets in reverse - those on the platform grab the scooter before it goes over again.

They ask where he's going (Mass ave), but they shuttle him into my car to go south - just to get him off the platform. mumbled to himself a lot. a lot of embarrassment on his part, but he still seemed disoriented. EMTs arrived, chatted with them, then EMTs, man and scooter got off and we were back on our way.

Actually surprised no T security footage on the evening news on this.

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