People emerge from homes in Boston neighborhoods

The sun is shining, the Dunk's are open and people are not staying inside.

Around 2 p.m., A. Griffin tweeted:

Well, West Roxbury seems to be business as usual, afternoon traffic, people walking and jogging.

Wicked Sharp on Centre Street adds:

Just heard an ice cream truck rolling through neighborhoods.

Jessica tweets:

Same in Dorchester. Nearly everything is open and ppl are everywhere.

Christopher tweets:

Eastie is the same way. Just grabbed some lunch, neighborhood is just as vibrant and busy as always.

Mike Pyyhkala tweets:

Also businesses open, traffic, in Andrew Square Boston.



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    Hyde Park

    Seems quieter than normal to me... nowhere near as much traffic (pretty much none on my street)- and not as many people out on the street or in their yards.

    A family member works at the VA in West Roxbury and says that everything getting there seemed normal except the VA police are stopping people at the end of the driveway to check ID's and to question them about where they are coming from and what they will be doing there (and for how long).


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    Still very quiet - just snuck out to go to store, slipped in with a few people not realizing they had only opened for a police officer - the clerk let us quickly purchase some items. Haven't ventured too far but would be curious to know what is open around here if anyone has info.


    Although there seem to have been reports of trash collection in Dorchester this morning, there was none in Allston (already postponed from Thursday because of the Monday holiday), which is certainly just as well for the safety of the workers. I do hope they come around and get it sooner than next Thursday, especially with the warmer weather.

    Dudebros two doors down from me just spent nearly an hour skateboarding in the street. But overall it's eerily quiet around here.

    Aloof must be bliss

    I'm sorry, what?
    I'm a little stunned that people are disregarding the order to stay indoors.

    We are just outside of the ordered area but are voluntarily choosing to stay indoors. Seeing as how we could hear the car chase last night, and it woke us up, we're choosing common sense. Our City has communicated with residents and suggested the same.

    I don't see any badassery in this - I sadly see a misplaced aloofness.
    Please take care people, a pizza run isnt worth it.

    As usual, I'm the Devil's Advocate

    Just like with Hurricane Sandy and Snowstorm Nemo, you can tell people to stay inside, but you can't stop them. Boston isn't a podunk town--it's a freakin' city. Do you think it's even a little disingenuous to put a lockdown on entire freakin' city, especially when, throughout the day, the actual area of canvassing has only included Watertown and parts of Cambridge? Are we supposed to trust the extraordinary efforts of law enforcement or the knee-jerk reactions of CYA politicians?

    Brighton, Allston? Sure, just across the river from Watertown and Cambridge. Hyde Park, Dorchester, Mattapan? Give me a break!

    Yeah, yeah, it's "not safe," but you also can't deny even, at this very hour, we're getting conflicting directives throughout the City of Boston:
    "Stay inside . . . unless you have to go out."
    "Don't drive on the roads . . . unless you have to."


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    a guy with a suicide vest on, guns and has killed 4 people about.

    Have fun on your midnight dog walk buddy!

    a guy with a suicide vest on,

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    a guy with a suicide vest on, guns and has killed 4 people about.

    MAY have a vest on, MAY have guns (he's been doing a fair amount of shooting and for all we know may be out of ammo.)

    ...who also happens to be surrounded by just about every spare cop in a 150 mile radius, the national guard, and a shitload of hardware.

    You do realize that you live in a city where people are stabbed and shot all the time, right? Didn't see you cowering in your apartment then.

    And you know all those details because? ...

    By on, that he still has bombs, guns and that he was the cop killer (poma it sounds like the older (dead) brother was the main whackadoodle).

    I understand that this is freaky, but minus the 'suicide vest', you just described too many badguys who are walking around boston today and every day.

    Halting an entire metro region of +million (bisected by only a few locked down bridges) for one guy seems like giving into unreasoning fear. If he's on foot, how would he get across the river? If he's in a vehicle, why would he stick around the area at all? Rational caution <> cowering paranoia.

    If I was in any community bordering Watertown I would be staying in, but where do you draw the line? Lexington, Weston, Wellesley, Winchester, Woburn, Lincoln, Malden, Everett and Needham - all are closer to these events than I am here in the southwestern part of Boston proper. Are those communities in 100% lockdown? Apparently not.

    I don't know...

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    Honestly, this six pack I just got at my local Eastie Liquor Store sure seems worth it...


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    We needed diapers. That is why I went out, entire trip including purchase was 7 minutes. Don't cast judgement on people reacting to something they could have never been prepared for.

    I don't think it was entirely

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    I don't think it was entirely aloofness or even cluelessness. I think many people in neighborhoods a good distance from the action were making a judgement call. I am sure that judgement call was different for people living in Allston or Brighton than it was for people living further away in Dorchester or West Roxbury. I took a walk outside myself just to get some air and a break, but I don't live in a neighborhood abutting either Cambridge or Watertown, and the suspect was on foot across the river about 8 miles away. I didn't want to be in a car (carjacking), but I logically concluded that taking a walk to the store just was a pretty safe activity. As I told my friend, who has a daughter living in Allston, if I were there, depending on the location and distance and route between my house and the nearest pizza parlor, I'm not sure I would leave the house.

    I didn't see any badassary out there either, just people who wanted to be out on in the nice weather or just to get a break, visit with neighbors, and maybe try to feel a bit more normal under the circumstances by grabbing a pizza.

    Pretty quiet in W. Roxbury

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    It's been pretty quiet around here today but I've seen neighbors' cars going in & out all day, the Quarry was open & trucks were coming & going from there all day too.

    Not sure why the neighbors felt they should go out.

    MBTA bus service on local

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    MBTA bus service on local routes to the north and south of Boston (places like Lynn and Quincy) looks like it is gradually being restored as of 5 PM (if my real-time bus app is to be believed).

    Far from the action

    I called Market Basket in Woburn, and, thankfully, they were open (although the attached mall was closed). I normally would have gone to Somerville.

    I just got home yesterday and we were completely out of food, now that my teen wiped out the cereal and milk supply. Biggest grocery shopping run of my life!

    The place was pretty popular, to say the least. A lot of people home = people getting a jump on the weekend.


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    Eastie was pretty quiet. I'm in Maverick Square and traffic (foot and car) was much lighter than usual. Piers Park and Bremen Street Parks were closed.

    You take away bus and subway service and Maverick Square dies, in my experience.