Police discover a gun hidey-hole at Bromley-Heath

Boston Police report an officer walking through a corridor at 934 Parker St. last night happened to see an odd opening in the wall, about six feet up:

Upon closer investigation officers observed a brown handle that appeared to be protruding from the interior of the opening. Officers examined the handle closer identifying it to be the handle of a black firearm. Officers recovered a Rohm Model RG 40 .38 Special Revolver as well as a plastic bag of several rounds of ammunition.

Nobody came forward to claim the gun; an investigation continues.



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Are "community guns" a thing in Boston?

I remember reading about them being an up-and-coming thing in NYC maybe a year or so ago. Essentially, it's the Zipcar concept applied to guns. There's some kind of hidey-hole like a mailbox or something with a gun in it, a bunch of people know where it is, and if you need it for any reason you "borrow" it and then put it back.

Lessens the risk of being caught with a gun you're not supposed to have at a time when you don't really need it. (Unlicensed, felon-in-possession, etc.)

It's been common for a long

It's been common for a long time to leave a gun outdoors where it's available but not 'in possession.' There's no need for a 'community' effort here - someone just hid his gun where he could get at it when necessary.


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How will the new gun laws help with this type of situation?

They won't

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Anyone that has anything to do with that gun is already breaking a long list of laws. Unless the laws of the universe are changed so that existing guns magically disappear, this is an unfortunate reality we have to live with.