Problem with the upvoting software

UPDATE: It appears to be working again; now to figure out why the vote box jumps from the right to the left when you vote ...

If you vote on a plus sign next to somebody's comment, your vote won't register. Looking into it; my apologies in the meantime.



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      While we're on the subject...

      I notice that sometimes when I upvote next to someone's comment, it registers more than one vote. For example, the number might go from two to six when I check it off. is this supposed to happen? I was wondering if maybe it means other people are voting at the same time as me or something.

      Ideally, should be one person, one vote

      I'll take a look, but I suspect you're right - in the time between you calling up the comment to read it and the time you decide it's worthy of a vote, some other folks have voted as well. But that's only reflected when you vote (or call the comment up a second time), because it's not a real-time thing (it only checks the database when it has to, for example, when you vote).