As promised, T running with delays

A train died on each line, a suspicious package showed up on the platform at JFK/UMass, there was a medical emergency at Kendall, commuter rail had snow issues, but, yes, the trains ran (except the Mattapan Line, which was replaced by a bus).



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Now I feel bad. My red line commuter was just fine. Even got a seat! :)

Except if you were waiting for a bus to get to the Red Line

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In Southie, and I'm guessing pretty much everywhere, sidewalks and T stops were not shoveled out, and buses were either full and couldn't stop or had no place to stop because of snowbanks. Most people just hoofed it to Broadway, which without sidewalks turned it into a version of the Hunger Games with cars, trucks and buses. May the odds be forever in your favor...

Oh yeah, and come on, City of Boston, I know you can do better, I've seen you do it before!


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I'm a "non-essential" city employee who was ordered back to work at City Hall today even though the mayor was encouraging those in the private sector to stay home. I don't mind having to go into work, Friday was enough, but I do mind that it took me an hour and a half to get to City Hall, because I had to spend a long time standing in the street waiting for my #11 bus as 3 passed by full before I could get on. Even then, I was only able to get on the bus because I finally walked further down to a different bus stop, hoping to get on before it filled up. Just barely made it on....I expected to be delayed, I just didn't expect it to take 3X as long as normal!

I think many people chose T instead of driving

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Tehre were delaya on Braintree line due to package scare at JFK but there were also many more people than usual. Seems many chose the T.

It wasn't too bad, timewise, even with the "bomb" scare.

Mattapan Trolley

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Did anyone attempt the bus service replacing the Mattapan Trolley today? How frequently did it come? Where does it stop? The amount of communication on this has not been good.