Warren Tolman launches bid for Attorney General




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About Warren Tolman

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Warren E. Tolman is a Massachusetts lawyer and former member of the Massachusetts General Court, serving in both of the Court's houses. He was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1990 and the Massachusetts Senate in 1994. During his time in the Court, Warren became known for his criticism of the Big Dig.

In 1998, Warren ran for lieutenant governor as the running-mate of Democratic nominee Scott Harshbarger. Though Harshbarger lost to Republican Paul Cellucci, Tolman was cited as an asset to his campaign.

Warren was a candidate for governor of Massachusetts in 2002, but lost the race for the Democratic nomination to Shannon O'Brien.

After the race for Governor, Warren became an Of Counsel for Holland & Knight. He has argued in court for reforms of the indigent defense law in Massachusetts. He appears every Thursday as a political pundit on the Fox 25 Morning News.

Warren attended Watertown High, Amherst College and Boston College Law School. [source]

Uh oh another "elitist lawyer"

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Amherst College, BC Law and currently holding a lucrative job at a major international law firm?! Looks like the outside union money should start those elitist lawyer mailings....except that since his brother Stephen is the head of the Mass AFL CIO, I won't hold my breath for those mailings to appear.

On a serious note, so far, we have Warren Tolman and Maura Healey (who led the DOMA challenge for Coakley). We are lucky to have 2 bright, hard working personable candidates. Let's hope the outside money (and mystery money) which just rained over the Mayor'a race doesn't cloud this race as well.

Why can't we ever get a new

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Why can't we ever get a new face?. It's the same old faces keep reappearing going for another run at an office, any office it seems.

He left the public sector and now wants back in - wonder why. It would be refreshing to start seeing some new faces, new ideas.

relevant experience makes for good qualifications

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Attorney General is unlike other constitutional offices in our government, and Martha Coakley is a great example of how that job is done well.

A candidate with experience as a legislator, who has a voting record we can examine, experience as an attorney, and experience as a candidate for Lt Gov and Gov is a candidate with a lot of great experience.

Criticize the candidate for his idea or his values if you think it's merited but don't criticize him becuase he has lots of great relevant experience.

Can I criticize the writer

of such obvious bullshit?

The hours wore by, a chance to reflect, and Tolman wondered whether there was more he could be doing with his professional life.

"Are there other ways I can give back?" said Tolman, a lawyer at Holland & Knight and a former state senator. "Doing what I was doing may not be my highest and best use. Could I do something else?"

Warren Tolman

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Warren Tolman is an outstanding candidate for Attorney General. The jerk who says he is an elitist candidate is full of it. He's a regular guy from
Watertown, which is not exactly Weston or Dover. Just because he happens to be smart and worked hard to graduate from Amherst doesn't make him
elitist. The combination of intelligence, ambition and integrity is what the American leadership narrative is all about. Best of Luck Warren.

Dan Leclerc

campaign ad: what a crock

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My eyes are still rolling since the first time I saw that ad from Tolman about the Brookline Clinic shootings and buffer zones, when he then connects murder with protesters. Talk about hyperbole! Tolman basically brags throughout how he is going to make sure the state government continues to infringe on our first and second amendment rights. The shootings happened 20 years ago, by a severely mentally ill man. Tragic event being used to justify his desire to continue this state's government desire for endless power and control.