Where does it end? In Charlestown, they're saving spaces on the sidewalk now

Sidewalk chair

Cara ran across this chair (well, not literally) in Charlestown tonight.



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Hey, I spent a lot of hard working shoveling that sidewalk, and here you come just walking across it with no care at all. I should have exclusive use of the sidewalks that I worked to clear!!



Not to mention, how many dogs are going to take a piss on those chairlegs?


Maybe the chair is there to keep a neighbor from shoveling the snow from his driveway into the newly-cleared sidewalk.

Clint Eastwood

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needs to go have a chat with that empty chair.

When there's this much snow,

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When there's this much snow, it can be hard to find a place for the chair while your car is in the parking space.

But what do you reserve the chair's sidewalk space with when your car is gone and the chair is in the parking space?