After all that French toast, people gotta floss, right?

Where's all the floss?

Roving UHub photographer Harry Forbes noticed a run on floss at his local Target today. He reports a nearby Stop & Shop was also largely bereft of floss.



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it's probably just half completed restocking

Staff person did half the job, went home (or was moved onto some higher-priority job - like restocking french toast supplies), and did not get back to it before the picture was shot.

Seriously, don't you come across gaps in stock fairly regularly when you shop? Typically it's just one product or group (like if it's end-of-day-6 of brandX cereal being on sale and you just find an empty section of shelf).

But when the store is bringing in a new brand or retiring an old one, it's not unusual to see a big blank space like this while they rearrange the whole product category.

I do a lot of my grocery shopping in the evening, so maybe I see more of this than most shoppers.


If it's actually happened at

If it's actually happened at more than one store, it's overwhelmingly likely that it's the fault of the distributor. Most retailers don't maintain the sorts of inventories they did a decade or two ago; they're thinly stocked, on purpose. It doesn't take much - say, a large winter storm delaying a shipment - for the usual turnover of their stock to outpace the replenishment.


Wait, what?

Three theories:

The rainbow loom people have now figured out how to knit floss into their designs.

Homeland security is being proactive about a new urban legend involving yarn bombing, because many types of floss are kevlar, right?

Crop failure in Montana.


Oh hell yes ...

Grabbing the glide and heading out while the glue is snappy ...

UPDATE: SUCCESS!!!!!!! Elmer - you are a genius! It came off in pieces (with some help from a thin shoelace once I cut into the mastic), but it is OFF!

Sending you a virtual beer!


You Deserve Extra-Special Credit ...

... for going out and doing that during a blizzard! You must have been very anxious to do it, and undoubtedly, your car will appreciate no longer being branded with embarrassing dealer labels.

It's counterintuitive, but removing the make and/or model name badges is another way of personalizing your car. Less is more.

I was psyched, sure!

The husband and I had been grumbling about it for awhile. I was bored, and my martini stayed nicely chilled sitting in the snow for the maybe 10 minutes that it took.

I thought about removing the other stuff, but ultimately decided that it would be good for anybody filling the tank to get the "TDI" reminder.