Allston double rapist gets lengthy sentence

A Suffolk Superior Court judge today sentenced Marcos Colono of Cambridge to up to 60 years in prison for raping two women in their Allston apartment in 2008 after first breaking in with a knife and binding them with extension cords.

However, that sentence won't start until after Colono, now 36, finishes a Middlesex County sentence for another double rape, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

"This defendant will never walk a step or take a breath in freedom again,” DA Dan Conley said in a statement. "He has the rest of his life to contemplate the vicious and cowardly nature of his crimes. This doesn’t undo the damage he caused his victims or their families, but I hope each of them can in time find some peace in knowing that their strength and courage led directly to this result. They have made our streets safer for others."

Both of his victims gave statements. One said:

I lost out on opportunities because I was too scared to move forward. Ultimately, Marcos Colono caused me to lose my career-driven motivation, and altered my perception on intimacy for years to come. He destroyed everything, but I refuse to allow that to be the ending to my story. I have come this far, 6 years later, to put this terrible creature behind bars.



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    Thank you

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    Thank you to the brave women who were strong enough to step forward and help put this monster away forever!

    Yes, it's the same sorry

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    Yes, it's the same sorry excuse for a human being. Karma isn't enough for this guy. Nothing done to him can ever be just enough for the victims.

    His brother

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    was the dude killed by a Harvard student named Pring-Wilson in 2003 during a night time street altercation. I remember the uproar and shouts of racism at the time.

    Colono is also a 7 th day adventist minister and use to go around knocking on people's doors. He broke into that home in Cambridge, severely beat the father, than forced him to watch as he raped his young son, then he tried to decapitate the father.

    I, too remember the uproar and charges of racism at the time.

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    I also remember reading/hearing about the whole confrontation between Pring Wilson and the brother of Marcus Colono at the time, as well. There was something funny about the fact that Colono's friends took him across the river for emergency care, instead of to Cambridge Hospital.

    Marcus Colono is a 7th-Day Adventist Minister??? Holy crap? Here's hoping the 7th-Day Adventist church ex-communicates him!!