Area along Roslindale/Hyde Park line to be sprayed for mosquitoes tomorrow

The Suffolk County Mosquito Control Project plans to spray sumithrin from the back of a truck on Wednesday, June 18 in the areas of Dale Street, Deforest Street, Austin Street and Gordon Avenue.

The spraying will happen sometime between dusk and midnight, unless it rains, in which case it'll be sprayed the following night.



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      Saw the Spraying

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      Saw a white truck spraying something on South Street between Walter and the commuter rail station in Roslindale around 11 p.m. - not really near the streets that were announced. I would have closed my windows and brought the dog in if I had known.

      Hyde Park Neighborhood Association

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      I am part of a informal neighborhood association in this area. (Encompassing Gordon Ave and Austin St among others) I would like to invite anyone in that general area to please join the email list serve here:!forum/itsyourneighborhood

      We have monthly meetings with law enforcement and members of city government regarding points of interest related to the area. We are also on the mailing list of representatives of the area so you will receive notification in your inbox related to things (like sprayings, crime, road work etc) Thanks.