Boston-Based College Student Film Screenings

Somerville Community Access Television is happy to announce a collaborative film screening event with the Arlington International Film Festival (AIFF) and Arlington Community Media, Inc. (ACMI). During this event, there will be 6 student films screened. RSVP HERE!

Below is more information on the films that will be featured:

1. The Art of Being Hurt | 7:15 min | Director, Xavery Robin | Boston University
Synopsis: A young couple is fighting to make their relationship a healthy one despite the odds.

2. Daniel | 9:26 min| Director, Rachel McKenna | Mass College of Art and Design
Synopsis: The film follows a soldier in a rehabilitation center, who has an unnerving alter-ego that sabotages his recovery.

3. Delicate Cycle | 7:07 min | Director, Bryan Sih | Boston University
Synopsis: Derek and Jen navigate their frustrations stemming from a sloppy, drunken night while they wait for their clothes to be washed.

4. Deterrence | 12:49 min | Director, Jake Bann | Boston University
Synopsis: A social worker is invested in protecting his most gifted client from the throes of a gang before his court date.

5. FleshEaters | 8:38 min | Director, Matt Hollis-Lima | Boston University
Synopsis: The night before his First Communion, a Catholic boy is having trouble grasping the concept of the ritual. When Liam watches Night of the Living Dead for the first time, everything starts to make sense to him: First Communion is really a zombie initiation rite.

6. Sherwin & The Scout |10:10 min | Director, Lucien Flores | Boston University
Synopsis: Sherwin, a recluse trapped in his own world, learns how to live again when an energetic Owl Scout shows up at his door.

We hope to see you here!

Location: 90 Union Square, Somerville, MA 02143



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