Artisanal cheese, olive oil, peanut butter and wine coming to Savin Hill

The Boston Licensing Board today approved a proposal for a wine and cheese - and beer - shop to cater to Savin Hill's burgeoning population of young professionals and empty nesters tired of driving to Somerville or Hingham just to get ready for a dinner party. The vote is a disappointment to some old timers who think the new Dorchester Avenue shop will lead to more drunks and prostitutes roaming the area.



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      eww meaning to head cheese.
      and one that I didn't really want to know.... you think he brought some goat cheese in the case of lactose intolerance?

      Very nice

      All that's needed now is a coffee shop, and perhaps a decent moderately priced bar/restaurant that would force SBK to either up the quality of their mediocre offerings or lower their outrageous prices. And maybe a Tedeschi in the currently empty building across from McKenna's, and something built in that hole in the ground adjacent to SBK.


      SBK=Savin Bar and Kitchen

      It's not great, but it's good. The previous commenter alleges the food is mediocre and overpriced, which I think is not entirely true. It's just a friendly local bar and grille with friendly staff and ok food. I like it.


      For the price - dbar's prices are about the same, but their food and drinks are a whole order of magnitude better than SBK. Problem is, it's always packed, parking is scarce and the walk from Savin Hill down that desolate stretch of Dot Ave is anything but pleasant, so it doesn't really count as direct competition.

      So I should ask my boyfriend

      So I should ask my boyfriend to give me a jar if that on the proposal day instead of a diamond ring. Heck! Out with the diamond in with the oily PB! Does it give a special scent that people can smell that it is the "expensive" PB that I am wearing?!!

      Teddy PB is the best!

      And it's at Stop&Shop and Star/Shaws too.
      As for the cheese and wine store on Dot Ave, this Fields Corner resident is all for it. And why do we care what the crackpot 7th Day Adventists have to say about anything? This particular group started when a guy named Miller said that the second coming of JC was going to happen in NY State in the 1840s. After a couple of large gatherings to wait for this event, surprise, surprise, it didn't happen. So the Millerites as they were called, later morphed into the Adventists.
      Fun fact.. what other crackpot religion based on provable lies originated around the same time in NY State. For further information ask Mitt Romney.

      I have never heard of "oil on

      I have never heard of "oil on top peanut butter." that is a new one for me. So, are we buying the peanut butter for the oil taste or the peanut butter taste. What a deal! Peanut oil and peanut butter for one price!! I can't wait!

      Waking up Dot Ave?

      Fascinating area. That stretch of Dot Ave. for years has been largely Vietnamese. Surprised the area never developed a title of Little Vietnam. The Vietnamese restaurants serve good Vietnamese comfort food (at least to my non-Vietnamese palate) and the grocery stores always had a good stock of interesting food.

      If I remember correctly before the Vietnamese the area was largely Polish and Scandanavian? That would have been before the 70s?

      But over the past several years many Gays have moved into the area. While OTB was generally lower to middle class the Dot Ave side is now turning into an area largely occupied by dinks and sinks.

      One funny thing about the area. For years it had a direct connection to the mayor and even with a mayoral change it still has a direct connection to the mayor.