Babies plunge into Brookline Reservoir; passing jogger saves them

Shortly before 5 p.m., Brookline Police reported:

Jogger at Brookline reservoir saves two babies whose stroller accidentally fell in. Babies taken to hospital to be checked.



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      I've never seen anyone bike

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      I've never seen anyone bike on the path at the brookline reservoir? not sure what you're talking about.

      I was just walking my baby

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      I was just walking my baby there this afternoon and commented to my friend how low and murky the water was. Hopefully everything is okay...

      Glad the kids are okay

      Somebody had to learn the hard way to set the brake properly.

      This is why many jogging strollers not only have a hand brake and parking brake, but a runaway leash as well.


      Jogging strollers are the

      Jogging strollers are the worst modern invention. Not only does the concept seem dangerous as hell, parents love to just fly around corners with these giant things clogging up most of the sidewalk in the Back Bay. Can't count how many times I almost had one slam into me.

      But the kids love them

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      Charging around at speeds of up to 7 miles an hour, Waquiot Jr. get's all excited during a run. In addition, as Pete notes, non jogging strollers do horribly when you decide, say, to stroll across a grassy field.

      That said, the Back Bay would seem to be a pretty dumb place to run with one. I tried in another city in a similar kind of part of town, but due to my odd desire not to hit people with the stroller, I got no pace.

      I did a half marathon once

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      I did a half marathon once and a mom had one during the race. That seems sort of mean at that point, towards the child.

      You train

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      You start the kid at, say, 4 miles and build from there.

      That said, I think anything beyond 10K is too much. Of course, if the kid has a tablet device and their favorite movie, and the knowledge that if they drop it they won't have it any more, any distance might be possible.

      I would say that, but

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      The kids love technology. I cannot check UHub on the iPad when junior is around, lest he take it from me and/or insist on playing Frogger (and the stupid app seizes up every time.) And he isn't even 2 yet! You want to say that kids wouldn't want to use these things, but they do.

      That said, outdoor time should be tech free time, regardless of age (which would throw me on the tangent of joggers, bikers, et al risking safety with earphones on, but I digress.)