Braintree man charged with sexually assaulting woman in Cambridge

Cambridge Police report a man from Braintree tried to take advantage of a woman fixing her bicycle on Cambridge Street last Wednesday night.

According to police, the woman was fixing her bicycle on the side of Cambridge Street between First and Second streets in East Cambridge around 11:20 p.m. when Andrew Ma, 39, pulled up in a black SUV stopped and asked if she needed any help. Police say she replied no and began walking away with her bike:

Shortly thereafter, Ma came back and pulled in front of the woman. After asking if she had change for a $20, Ma reportedly grabbed the victim by her left wrist, touched her indecently and asked her for a sexual favor. He then pulled down his shorts while in the motor vehicle, exposed himself and then began to perform a sexual act on himself. The victim fled from Ma and rode her bicycle to her residence, where she subsequently reported the incident to the police.

Ma was charged with indecent assault and battery, open and gross lewdness and assault and battery, police say.

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How did police find him?

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Did the victim get his plate number? Just curious. That's such a random incident, it's usually difficult for police to follow up. And I'm unaware if any known street prostitution occurring in that area. This Ma character should be investigated to see if he's involved in other incidents and crimes. His behavior and age obviously suggests he's done similar things, if not worse, before.

A lengthy prison sentence

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A lengthy prison sentence could help ensure he doesn't do this again.... How could he if he is behind bars?

If this is the same guy, he

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If this is the same guy, he seems to have some impulse control issues due to a medical issues and just off of probation.

"A Weymouth man was sentenced March 24 to two years in prison by a federal court judge for stealing $130,202 from a non-profit Boston community health center over a two-year period." Mar 27, 2009

"Ma’s duties at Dimock required him to maintain various financial accounts that included checking, savings, money market and payroll. Prosecutors said Ma, who has an extensive criminal record, stole funds by taking money from a Dimock cashier’s office. He reportedly used an agency debit card to withdraw cash at area casinos. Ma was convicted of using the debit card to buy jewelry and electronic products for his personal use. "

"His defense attorney Geoffrey G. Nathan said MA had an impaired ability to distinguish between right and wrong because of a brain tumor."