In case you missed it, weekend edition

A lot happened over the weekend, so if you were out enjoying the wonderful weather rather than checking in on UHub, here's what was going on:

A woman waiting for the J'Ouvert parade was shot to death; police say she was an innocent victim, family and friends say she was a wonderful person.

Two area residents sued Coca-Cola after they learned the company's flagship soda was not "natural and healthy.

Market Basket directors didn't meet..

Groupon needs a refresher course in American literature.

A Newtonville consigment shop was held up at knifepoint.

An allegedly fighy family learned rocks and bats are no match for a loaded gun.

Need a decent steak place that doesn't charge an arm and a flank?

A man was stabbed outside Sissy K's.

A guy tried selling his public parking space in the Fenway for $20.



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Don't agree with you. Like the recap. Saves me from scrolling.

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Your opinion

isn't relevant enough, anonymous random troll.

Though in all fairness, we could just read the front page of on Monday for the previous week's news as well.


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Great idea Adam.

Often times posts go off of the first page, and people miss what happened.

I think it would also be fun to see the most voted on comment. For the same time span as the links.

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