Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Scituate

Flags in St. Patrick's Day parade in Scituate

We headed south for a parade today - way south, all the way to Scituate, where we found your classic small-town parade, only with a lot more green.

Green horn

Everybody's Irish on St. Patrick's Day, even chihuahuas:

Green chihuahua
Green giraffe

Probably the oddest thing to see, even odder than the antique "paddy wagon," was a British tank, which not only had a British flag decal, but which flew a British flag from its radio mast.

British tank

The most appropriate music of the day: The Charlie Baker contingent started the parade with a boombox blaring "Play That Funky Music, White Boy."

Pink hat



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Scituate-- 47% Irish-American

according to the 2010 census & as quoted in today's "Globe South" section. The article goes on to say that 19 of the 20 communities in the Commonwealth with the highest percentage of Irish-American residents are south of Boston.

It isn't called the

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irish riviera for nothing. After bussing, the ones who built the city moved. And 40 years later the schools still suck...

Did you read those press releases?

The ones from the South Boston parade organizers?

Given the level of writing and proofreading in evidence, it would seem like the schools sucked 60 years ago, too. (not talking about the content - just the grammar, spelling, usage, etc.)

You do realize that people in all eras and neighborhoods of Boston built the city, too, right?


You know, you need not be obliged to post your expert opinions in every post here, right?


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You only need to be a non-moron to know these things. Ain't rocket surgery. Just middle school MCAS history and English.

Well yeah but...

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The Irish DID build the city.

Irish immigrants were the majority of the laborers who worked on the back bay landfill project.

They came to boston 1. to escape the potato famine and 2. Because there were tons of jobs available literally building a large portion of the city out of water...

(This is coming from a lady with no Irish blood who grew up south of Boston in a 98% Irish town. I'm as WASP-y as they come, so no bias here!!)

I'm fairly confident that

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I'm fairly confident that they did the actual labor work of literally filling the back bay though...

It also helped that the Irish

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It also helped that the Irish were the politicians and most of the civil service employees. Boston was very much an Irish city (much to the dismay of many, it seems).

This is mostly due to the

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This is mostly due to the mass migration of city Irish that moved south of Boston. During the 50's many of the city dwellers moved south. These were the WW2 vets that grew up in the city, now with young families. Italians moved north - Revere, Everett, but Quincy, Braintree and parts of Weymouth grew with the influx of the migrating Irish.

No self respecting Irishman would move to the northshore (at that time). It's just the way it was.

My maternal grandparents were pretty self respecting

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No self respecting Irishman would move to the northshore (at that time). It's just the way it was.

Really, where in the world do you get that? I guess the five generations of my father's family that settled (in 1848) and stayed Medford and established a prominent business (that, while no longer in the family, is still in existence) aren't self respecting, nor are my my mother's parents who moved their family around from Braintree to Dennis to Framingham before finally settling in Reading (although Medford and Reading aren't really the "northshore" [sic]). I should probably leave out what louts my parents were for marrying in that Scandinavian stronghold of Seattle (where my mother's family ended up after Reading, while my parents were dating), eventually settling in Burlington (where about 30% of the population claims Irish ancestry, the largest single group there -again Burlington's not on the North Shore either, so I guess they get a pass) to raise my seven siblings and me. No. They're not self-respecting either.

You didn't mention when your

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You didn't mention when your ancestors lived in Boston. Did they move from Boston to Medford? If so, that was indeed rare during the 50's. But if your family lived in Meford for 5 generations, than no they were not part of that migration. Why do you think Quincy, Braintree are so heavily populated with Irish from Dorchester and Southie? Quincy and Braintree were more Irish than Boston come the 70 & 80's.

And other than that, jeez - this is only a blog - lighten up!

More to Boston and the Area than Where Patricial Goes

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There are heavily Irish sections of most North Shore communities.

Boston is also more than the Beacon Hill, Back Bay, and Southie.

Maybe you should explore a little - get a bike, start riding or take the T somewhere other than the very limited areas you seem to be stuck in.

Well, tanks are cool

That tank was in Braintree's July 4th parade last year. I'm fairly certain someone in the area has a good ole Sherman tank capable of parade duty, wish I'd see that out in more parades.

Pee Wee Herman

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What? No pictures of Mass Equality marching on the South Shore?