Citizen complaint of the day: The historic trash on Beacon Hill

Trash on Beacon Hill

Forget the nobs, what about the slobs? A concerned citizen complains about ye olde trashe on Irving Street:

Disgusting trash. 15 Irving Street rents to college kids who constantly put trash out on wrong days and not in secure bags. Rats constantly get into and tear apart their trash.



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    Can you image

    how difficult it would be to navigate these sidewalks in a wheel chair if all the trees were removed and the sidewalks were ADA compliant, but still filled with trash like they often are?


    I believe 25 year old children are responsible for these messes, and the are rarely capabible of thinking much beyond their navel.

    And for people using manual

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    And for people using manual wheelchairs, anything the wheels roll over ends up on the persons hands and arms. It's disgusting.


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    You obviously haven't lived in Eastie....Eastie is filled with trash, all of it...not just one block.


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    Please do not call then rats, they are large colonial non domesticated mice

    Trash lyfe

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    I do see that this seems like a small issue but really it is not. Living anywhere in the city the houses are so close that throwing disgusting trash will take a toll on the whole area. Out of the complete downtown area it brings tons of skunks and giant raccoons, as well as rats.
    As an owner/ neighbor to one of these situations, I have taken photos of used tampons and other disgusting trash thrown in the ally and there's no recourse. I know you can go to city hall but in the city where it is house-house-house you really can't and neighbors act clueless BC they are townie and not directly adjacent.

    To cite the obvious, they

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    To cite the obvious, they make the complaint so the landlord can be ticketed. They need to do it as often as they can. Trash in the city is a huge deal. Rats are a public health issue. For everyone.

    Historical Solution

    Residents can't leave trash out, but will send the hired girl out with it when the horse drawn trash wagon rolls through and the driver calls.

    Otherwise, Boston could look to other densely populated, tightly packed historic places for possible solutions. Or, maybe, solar compactors that are disguised to look like horse manure depositories?

    The historical solution was

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    The historical solution was to incinerate trash onsite. I think we all appreciate our clean air enough to not go back to that. Short of expensive micro waste to energy plants in every neighborhood clean urban disposal by incineration isn't possible.

    I don't really understand

    I don't really understand that peculiar habit throughout downtown Boston of putting trash on the curb in little more than a grocery bag.

    rat and brat infestations go hand in hand

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    Rats don't discriminate between ritzy neighborhoods and less affluent neighborhoods. Put out your trash in secure bags on the proper days. Anyone who doesn't is a selfish lazy brat. End of story.