Citizen complaint of the day: Somebody in Southie hates every other neighborhood

An irate citizen posts a photo of some graffiti on a playground structure:

At the Christopher Lee playground in M street park some degenerate wrote "F--k north end, dot..." and went to list just about every neighborhood in Boston.... On a children's playground. Classy.



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      this gets attention?

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      Hopefully the one who wrote the graffiti won't read this mention on UHub. The fact that his vandalism pissed someone off and got media attention will make his/her day and just encourage more of it.

      Or further gratifying the

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      Or further gratifying the attention he seeks by reading your comment about how posting this story gives him attention

      What's heard is worse

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      At least very young kids (hopefully) will not yet recognize the words. But crossing the street this afternoon I heard a young woman in a car talking to the driver with words that made the graffiti look tepid in tone. So what is heard is just as bad if not worse.

      Words as graffiti are passive in comparison to the foul mouthed violent exclamations that are the norm at stores, subways, buses, sidewalks and pretty much all other public locations. I'm not advocating attempting to outlaw foul language as done by a nearby town. Rather I believe it's worth noting that whenever anyone is in the presence of kids we are their examples. If we don't want to normalize violent language around kids then we should not use it.

      But then I think writing on UHub is akin to preaching to the choir.

      You are so right. There are

      You are so right. There are times when I hear people talk to their children with, if not exactly foul, language that's just plain rude. And I don't mean ordering them around, I mean things like, "Shut up!"

      Would it be inappropriate for

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      Would it be inappropriate for me to assume the person that wrote this was profiled in a local newspaper on how he/she is a productive member of the community?

      - The Original SoBo Yuppie

      I like how

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      Quincy made the list. Lets be serious though Miley Cyrus (the exotic dancer formerly known as Hannah Montana) is fellating inflatable members onstage... I think the f-word at a playground is the last thing parents should be worrying about these days.

      This is surprising?

      This is just classic old-school Boston attitude: Anyone who's not exactly like me sucks. If you don't like it, move back to Weston.

      It's not surprising, but it's disgusting.

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      Not withstanding that this graffiti is ugly-looking and offensive (I'm no stranger to "blue" language!), but it's inappropriate for a children's playground, and the guy who wrote all that crap sounds like an immature asshole who's just looking for attention.

      Most likely

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      One of the disgruntled dog walking Yuppie. They're the only childless people that hang in the park.

      People need to relax

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      Yeah graffiti sucks but you don't need to get your panties in a bunch because I'm sure it was just a bunch of 13 or 14 year old kids who wanted to show the pride they have of their town. Yeah I understand this isn't the best way to show their pride but it's normal and most likely going to happen in any city you live in. If you don't like it, move back to the suburbs or something, I don't know.

      Explain to us....

      ...why long-time residents of your part of time seem to believe they are the only legitimate Boston residents? (which is NOT an attitude generally held by people living in other parts of Boston).