Citizen complaint of the day: The tough cookie of Oak Square and her space savers

Oak Square space saver

Can't blame a citizen for trying, in this case a Brighton citizen who looked down today, saw a lack of snow and asked this lady to stop saving a space in front of her Hobart Street home:

She told me the spots were hers and anyone that parked there would regret it.

Meanwhile, across town, a roving UHub photographer captured the scene today on Victoria Street in Savin Hill:

space savers

And he has a suggestion for our new mayor - who grew up a couple blocks away:

Clearly some people value the idea of saving street spaces independent of any weather events. Maybe this is an unmet need the city should be serving? We could assign every street space in the city a number and have an auction to sell permits to park in each space. Think of all the revenue that could be brought in! Plus no more fights or slashed tires during blizzards. Obviously we would still need temporary permitting for moving trucks and such things, but I'm sure all the details could be worked out.



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The current system...

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is an extremely bad way to ration a scarce resource. This leads to nonsense like the pictures attached. We can, and should, do better.

Run them over

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Someone rear ended my car, not too much damage but enough to screw up the back of it. Since its already wrecked, I've just started backing into and parking on top of the crushed chairs/barrels/whatever. So far no ones fucked with my car, I guess showing you don't care helps.

It's hard to believe that people would act like spoiled brats

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It's hard to believe that people act like spoiled brats when it comes to parking spaces in the street, especially when there's no snow on the ground, and no matter what time of year it is, and whether there's been a snowstorm or not. That woman who continues to save her space despite there presently being no snow on the ground doesn't sound tough--she's acting like a spoiled brat who'd readily throw a big tantrum over being told that she can't have too many candies. It's comparable, imho.

Is it really?

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Can we assume that someone stole your unlogged pseud last week, then?

What was that Obama quote?

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'It's not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to their space savers or neighborhood identity or antipathy to people who aren't like them'


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Where was Obama mentioned anywhere above?

FFS does EVERYTHING have to be a political debate?


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It's been DAYS since the parking ban ended, and over 48 hours after it ended, so why hasn't DPW picked these pieces up? I THOUGHT the rule was after, DPW would pick it up and think its trash?

To be fair to the DPW

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There have been other complaints on Citizens Connect about space savers, and they've been generally marked closed, cones (or whatever) picked up.

For every cone, barrel, arm

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For every cone, barrel, arm chair, couch, etc. picked up there are dozens more to put out! The people who abuse the practice will do so regardless of a law. I have moved 4 space savers in the past few days, gratifying really! Do me a favor (If you actually reside in Boston), look out your front door are there any vehicles with commercial plates that will be parked overnight? That is illegal, you should be just as mad at those individuals as you are with the space saving folk. Also, the night before trash is picked up; any neighbors putting out plastic bags instead of barrels? also illegal! The point is, the enforcement is rare. Stop whining and move the space savers if it bothers you that much.

Makes no sense to me either.

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Makes no sense to me either. Then again, I'm a reasonable person so there ya go. Not everyone is like us

Trash day is once or twice a week

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I think the city only removes the space savers during trash pickup, which is either one or two days a week. So long as your saver isn't out when the garbage truck comes around, you are good.

I noticed that a lot of people on my street are saving spots even when there is no snow, but there also isn't a shortage of parking on the street either, so people are not getting homicidal about it.


That's the way some people act in Medford near where I live. I've had a woman place a note on my windshield saying the spot in front of the house was hers and if I didn't move my car she would call the city. And this was in the middle of the summer. (Not like the city would do anything, but still.)

I'm with the poster -- paint numbers on the street and auction them off annually. If people want to think of it as on-street private parking they might as well pay for it.

Papa's got

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... a brand new bag?

"I shoveled out this space-I've earned it vs. "It's mine" by ent

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The space-saving slogans "I've shoveled out this space-I've earned it" vs. "This space is mine" by entitlement both shade into one thing:

The sense of entitlement.

Imho, it's high time that the city Administration(s) cracked down on this dumb space-saving practiced and just simply outlawed it, making violators pay a hefty fine. Maybe hitting these people who insist on reserving their spaces all year around right where it hurts most: in their pocketbooks would give them the message.

Who cares, move the junk from

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Who cares, move the junk from the street. People are going to roll the dice, put something out and hope they have a spot when they get home. Get over it. Auctioning off parking permits? ridiculous.

Brighton Lifers

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We lived on Morrow Rd in Brighton for a couple of years. The families on either side of our place were lifers that grew up in the two families they owned. Both of them saved the spots in front of their house year round. One time, the drunk next door came home and someone had moved his trashcan and parked there. This 50 something guy with a wife and kids proceeded to dump the contents of his trash can all over the offending car and smash the can into the car repeatedly. It was a sight to behold. He also let his dog shit all over the sidewalk between our places and would hose it off once a month or so. We couldn't open our windows in the summer because of the stench and the fly infestation was disgusting. Everywhere has it's issues, but we were thrilled to get away from that street.


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Same thing is going on in Cambridge. Cameron Ave is almost completely devoid of snow yet there is still someone who is placing a plastic yard chair in the road. It makes me hate people.

Call Cambridge DPW

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Space savers are NOT allowed in Cambridge period.

(says so on the city's website)


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Did not know this about Cambridge. This might be the only thing I actually like about that city.

I'm surprised

since space saving uses recyclables and typically fewer savers are needed for a Prius or Schwinn. I believe the Cambridge Politburo should revisit this issue.

Just because there is a

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Just because there is a webpage that says they are not allowed, does NOT mean space savers are not used in Cambridge. The usage of them seems to be weather-invariant.


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Unlike Boston, the city of Cambridge has taken a stance on the issue, and will remove them.

Also keep in mind when was the last time you heard of a space saver issue in Cambridge? If I recall, its been a very long time (or next to none). Apparently this 'webpage' is correct and most citizens abide by it.

I've lived in Cambridge for 8

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I've lived in Cambridge for 8 years and I've never seen a single space saver. I don't doubt there have been some, but they're most definitely the exception and not the rule.

I saw a large cardboard box

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I saw a large cardboard box reserving a space in Cambridge, in a neighborhood with apartment buildings (so it wasn't even in front of someone's house). I wrote, "Really?" on it.

It is ok to be in denial. We all are on occasion

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I still believe that you just are not seeing them. It's understandable. Everyone here in Cambridge wants to believe that everyone who lives here is enlightened and educated enough not to resort to 'townie' behavior.

I'm from a culture far removed (different not worse or better) from Boston so I cannot help but notice the little things. If I'm still here 5 years from now will I notice? Probably not so much.

So, here is exhibit # 2: a picture taken an hour ago. a small tree used as space saver in Cambridge.

All I can offer in anecdotal evidence. However, if one amounts enough solid data points said anecdotal evidence becomes empirical.

If Boston isn't mature enough

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If Boston isn't mature enough to handle on street parking then the new mayor should ban it until the city civilizes itself.

Save this preaching to

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Save this preaching to kindergarteners. This is not how the world works. If I live on a street for longer, I get the spot. If I'm bigger or more intimidating, I get the spot. That's how civilization truly works.

I also say every land owner should either be entitled to a street spot. Yuppies in condos don't own land so that solves that problem too.

If there are 10 units, they

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If there are 10 units, they own a 10% share of land that their condo building sits on. How to do you suppose we divide up the one spot in front of a triple decker? Every tenant gets the spot 1/3 of the time? If the condo owners collectively don't own the land, I'd like to know who you think owns it? If someone else owns the land my condo sits on, I need to find out so they can shovel our walkways.

Does the condo ssociation own the land?

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The condo association most likely owns the land where your condo building sits. If each unit owned a % of the land then the each unit would have to pay taxes based on the value of the land as well as the respective condo. The condo association is usually also responsible for clearing the sidewalk of snow.

What or who will Boston fine is snow is not removed from a sidewalk adjacent to a condo building?

No, a condo association doesn

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No, a condo association doesn't own any land. Each unit owner owns a percentage of the land, and of every tree, rock, etc. Unit owners *do* pay taxes on the value of the land -- it's included in the valuation of their unit. The association pays no property tax.

I don't know who would get the fine if an association didn't shovel. Maybe the association. But it's not so easy to see who the association even is. The city's property database just has the unit owners. They'd have to start digging around in the Registry of Deeds to get the name of the association trust, but even that might not have its mailing address.

Is this based on a specific legal authority?

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Is this defined via statute or case law? I do know that the city tax rolls do include listing condo associations, albeit without any taxes assessment as you pointed out.

Hmm, the cities I'm familiar

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Hmm, the cities I'm familiar with don't include condo associations in the property records.

Condo associations not owning land doesn't seem like a complicated legal question. Condo docs and unit deeds make it pretty clear.

The owners of the units ARE

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The owners of the units ARE the condo association in my building. We collectively form the association and we collectively own the land. We pay an HOA fee each month that maintains the common areas and common bills - like building insurance. It has never happened, but I assume if we got fined for not clearing snow, we would pay it from the common fees.

and that's why you are a Fu*

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and that's why you are a Fu*^k head.
City should NOT allow parking savers of ANY kind at ANY time and that's why we have the shite going on now with the TRASH that people are leaving in the street all winter.
For the brighton people noted in the comments above - CALL THE COPS and INSPECTIONAL SERVICES and take a video of their behavior and give it to the local news so that they can be publicly exposed for the Neanderthals they are. That will stop the behavior.
New mayor Marty Walsh needs to nip this stuff in the bud. I am a property owner and I spend ALOT of time picking up the trash that blows / is dropped around my property / sidewalk etc. Then I come out and find rotten tires, broken chairs etc in the street saving spots along the property (it's on the corner). I THROW THEM IN THE TRASH IMMEDIATELY.
I am also a dot native so no whiny nimby yuppie comments.

I totally get space savers

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I totally get space savers for a day or two after a storm, but this is ridiculous. Parking is back to normal. I don't even know why you would bother saving one at this point unless you want to let all your neighbors know that you're a dickhead.

But, but, but, but, but...

I keep hearing that the solution to this problem is to talk to your neighbors!! This guy talked to his neighbor and she told him to get bent!! Have I been living a lie, all this time??

Call the bitch's bluff

Run a sting op and park a car in that spot. Somebody touches it, jail them for one year.

Seriously, somebody write me in next election.

Jail them for a year? That's

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Jail them for a year? That's a harsher punishment then some major crimes like assault and leaving scene after running over someone in car while drunk..

On my way home from work

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On my way home from work today I'm swinging by her place and picking up her space saver if one is there. I figure since it's snowing today I might be in luck...

I am from another region and

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I am from another region and moved to Boston last year. Love Boston but this type of thing is such a joke. Doesn't make u a tough person by doin this. Makes u an unstable bitch. Relax and be courteous to ur neighbors for fucks sake. Go ahead and tell me to move back from where I came from. Doesn't matter to me. Just thought I would vent

Don't move back

We need more people like you... (That's one more space for me!)

Actually, space-saving is rare in the Fenway, no doubt because it's all apartment buildings without single-families or three-deckers occupied by entitled townies.

Oh, the entitlement

Stories like this reinforce my theory that people who use space savers do it not because they think shoveling out a spot entitles them to that spot. They do it because they firmly believe that they are entitled to the spot outside their house all day, every day just by virtue of living there. Snow and the city's ridiculous enabling of the practice justify that feeling in their selfish little brains, and give them an excuse to unleash their inner two-year-old.

Not too far from this location....

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I have a neighbor who saved spots last year for several days after snow storms. Notified Citizens Connect and they promptly removed the savers.

They are much better this year but I still have an issue with them carving out 3 spots for their 2 cars. They like giving themselves a half car length between each and then pile the snow in front or behind the cars for buffer. I