Citizen complaint of the day: When did it become impossible to park on the street in West Roxbury?

Bad parking in West Roxbury

A concerned citizen complains about this example of sidewalk parking on Johnson Street in suburban West Roxbury:

Car consistently parked on sidewalk even blocking entrances to house. Isn't this a fire hazard? Also people can't walk on the sidewalk & have to cross or walk in street.

The city transportation sprang into action, rushing out to ticket that bad boy.

Sidwalk parking in South Boston.



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Check out street view

Street view puts you on the dead end side street, BUT, if you veer around the corner for the same house, guess what? Car parked on sidewalk. I guess they can claim "always parked there". LOL.


what's suburban about Westie

Detached single-family houses with lawns. Less commonly found in Roslindale or JP, much less commonly as you go closer into the city center.

When someone says that parts of Medford or Waltham are urban and other parts are suburban, this is what they are referring to.



Actually has a lot of detached homes once you get away from Washington Street - especially up in the desirable golf-course area :-). But they do tend to be on smaller lots than in the more countrified Westie hinterlands west of the parkway and north of Belgrade.


Oh, you country people

Compared to, say, Allston, South Boston or Maverick Square? Westie's pretty suburban. Sheesh, even the police station looks like an overgrown colonial house.

Heck, there are parts of the neighborhood that feel downright rural - like the Grove, which doesn't even have paved roads.


We call it...

the "fauxburbs" and I think it's the best of both worlds: single family home, room for my kid to run around, but still diverse and with easy access to all the city culture. I love Westie.


I only started hearing West Roxbury called "Westie" in the past 10-15 years. It seems a little bit silly for a place that sometimes puts on airs, at least compared to other sections of the city. Just my opinion...not from there or anything, and not saying anything negative about anyone who refers to it as Westie...just do not approve!

That street is about 10 ft

That street is about 10 ft wide. If that car didn't park on the sidewalk no other car could get by/around that corner. I think the owner of the car was probably trying to be a good neighbor as well as trying to keep his car from being sideswiped.

Right. Don't assume

That all streets in West Rox are big and wide with huge yards. Johnson St is tiny and narrow. I'm not defending parking on the sidewalk, but context is part of the story.