A different kind of space saver in South Boston

Cover a hydrant with an empty trash can and voila: Instant parking space. Sure, you have to hope your house doesn't catch on fire, but what are the odds of that?



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covering the fire hydrant

I was that idiot I was trying to protect the fire hydrant from getting snowed in.not even with a parking permit I can't park in front of my house.my thanks was getting my car towed and a ticket in top of that.
Thank you city of Boston.

Back home

I was a FF/EMT. At least twice I can think of (in a smaller rural town) when someone parked in front of a hydrant we needed access to, we broke the windows and the local PD ticketed and towed the car after we were done. It was an expensive lesson; that should have happened here.



One could play devil's advocate and say s/he was using the trash can to make shoveling the hydrant out easier?

*whistles while looking up innocently at an imaginary halo*

Why bash Southie?

They do such an excellent job of bashing themselves.

I love it. Person A endangers others' life and property by deliberately hiding a fire hydrant. Person B reports this safety hazard. Which one is the asshat?

Remember after little Kaitlyn (?) Orr died because the fire trucks were delayed getting to her house because of double-parking, and, in the aftermath, a prominent Southie politician basically told the rest of the city to butt out and not tell Southie how to park?