Even superheroes and archvillains have to eat

Batman and the Joker in the Prudential Center

Neal Doyle captured Batman and the Joker doing some shopping at the Cambridgeport Star Market (presumably before heading to the comics convention at the World Trade Center).



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Market Basket

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at least they aren't at a Market Basket!

On a different note, did the Pru Shaw's revert back to Star Market again? (like it was when it was below Legal's) I know the Shaw's on McGrath in Somerville reverted back to Star, as did the Porter Square Shaw's. Sheesh. Cerberus needs to make up its mind about brand, as it seems like any former Star that converted to Shaw's is now a Star again. Regardless whether it's Star or Shaw's its still an overpriced store.



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I notice that all the shopping carts at the Shaw's in East Boston (which was always a Shaw's, never a Star) suddenly all say "Star Market" on them. What's that all about?


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I think that was a Star a long long time ago and its converting back to a Star (From Shaw's)

I believe before Star was bought by Sainsbury's and merged with Shaw's in 1999, that the store in East Boston started out as a Star Market, as Star Market's primary market was urban stores and the immediate suburbs (eastie, pru, fenway, packards corner, newtonville, cambridge, somerville, etc etc), and Shaw's was primarily Suburban (and NH). This is probably why Star was an attractive purchase for Sainsbury's in 1999, since it complimented the Shaw's brand with locations that didn't have a strong Shaw's presence.

I'd also take an educated guess that the existing Star/Shaw's in Eastie is the 2nd one, not the first, while the first Star probably was where Kappy's is now in the adjacent shopping center and was an original anchor tenant in that strip mall. (historicaerials.com says the mall was built in the 60s, and the existing Shaw's was added in the 90s)

East Boston supermarkets

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As a long time East Boston resident I can tell you the Shaw's was at no time ever a Star. The original supermarket in that strip mall, basically where the Kappy's is now, was an independent supermarket called Liberty Market. It was owned by the Lombardo family who also owned Lombardo's function hall, now defunct. When Liberty Market finally closed it became a Shaw's, and ultimately moved to it's current location, somewhat adjacent to the mall.

In the 60s and 70s there was also a Stop & Shop in East Boston in Orient Heights where the East Boston Savings Bank is now (near the Burger King). A few blocks further up, technically in Wintrhop I think, where there is now a CVS (and previously was an Osco), there was a First National.


thank you

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I stand corrected! And yes that would make sense since the plaza's name is Liberty Plaza.

Don't forget Hot Gus ! Kappy

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Don't forget Hot Gus ! Kappy's was there one the other side of the plaza with Liberty , then moved over to Liverpool street , then back to the new Shaw 's , but on the other side of the plaza. Never any Star in the area. I believe there was another Liberty in Winthrop center , now a CVS. The Burger King was something for a while too, can't remember, Bargain something.


It seems like the new owners

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It seems like the new owners are turning a lot of the old Star Markets back into Star Markets. They did it in Waltham, too.

Stupid Marketing

Executive #1: Gee, everyone hates our brand, what can we do?
Executive #2: I know, lets just change back to the old name! Everyone will think we're much better.

Star was a great brand ,good

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Star was a great brand ,good operation. The Limeys destroyed it when they blended it into Shaw's, which they also ruined. Ship the Shaw's label back to Maine, bring back the Star !

The Central Square grotto has also reverted to Star.

It began shortly after they finally ditched the stupid courtesy card.

I congratulated a cashier for rejoining civilization.

I see it as twilight of marketing shills. They bet on a gimmick while every day low pricing competitors wrecked their market share.

It's like a version of a Mark Twain adage. "Always tell the truth and then you'll have less to remember."

In supermarket terms, that would be, "Always deliver the best price and then you won't gum up your operation with a useless data layer."

I was in a Shaw's last week

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I was in a Shaw's last week (one that's still Shaw's, it seems). Prominently displayed were signs "Never any checkout lines longer than 3" .

There was almost no one in the store, so they can safely say that.


I used to do all my grocery shopping

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in supermarkets like Star/Shaws, S&S, Roche Bro. These days you can get many basic food items for a lot less than you pay in a regular supermarket at places like Dollar Tree,etc., not to mention farmer's markets. I'm also lucky to live near numerous Asian markets, where you can get fantastic deals compared to regular supermarkets. Same with drug store items; CVS and Walgreens are imho very over priced, especially again when you consider you can get many basic necessities for far less at stores like dollar tree, family dollar,etc. Maybe that's why whenever I do stop in a CVS or Walgreens, they are often almost empty.

Whats cheaper at Farmers

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Whats cheaper at Farmers Markets? I love fresh produce but I've found Farmers Markets to be a bit over priced. $3 for a bunch of carrots? No thanks.

I instead buy my produce at local year round produce market where prices are reasonable and the selection and quality better than grocery stores.