Fake protests to cause real traffic issues around Post Office Square

Boston Police alert us that the people filming at the fake Occupy encampment in Post Office Square Park will be staging fake protests around the park Saturday and Sunday.

Boston Police will be on scene during the filming. Traffic detours will be in place, affecting traffic in the immediate area. Motorists are advised to avoid the area if possible.

Ed. note: Wouldn't it be awesome if actual veterans of Occupy Boston occupied the fake Occupy Boston?



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        BTW, Vassar & Mass Ave #7 most dangerous

        The livable streets changes made to the intersection of Vassar Street and Mass Ave. in Cambridge have made it #7 in the state's most dangerous intersections! Thanks for that dangerous waste of money!

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        Wasn't the construction

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        Wasn't the construction around 2006 or so?

        Not much changed right there. It's still 4 general lanes on Mass Ave, though they added bike lanes and took out parking on the southbound side. The left turn lanes on Vassar might be new, and certainly are helpful.

        As a bicyclist, I consider the sidewalk cycle tracks on Vassar to be a hideous abomination. But they end before the Mass Ave intersection.

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        PO sq will now be the future site of real Occupy Protests. PO sq: thanks for letting your neighbors know this was going to happen

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