Finally, a use for all those Globe Directs?

The MSPCA's Boston Adoption Center reports it needs newspapers:

All of our small animals have their enclosures lined with a layer of absorbent newspaper under their bedding, and we clean and replace this daily. As you can imagine, we go through a whole bunch of newspaper, and right now we're nearly out!

You can drop off newspapers at the adoption center at 350 S. Huntington Ave. in Jamaica Plain.

H/t Morgan.



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    Dear Globe Direct

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    My address has changed. Please deliver all future issues to the MSPCA for use in the small animal cages.

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    what an awesome idea!

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    I don't know...

    When I was house training my dog, she would only poop on Howie Carr's column. Sometimes twice.

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    Not just newspapers, but...

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    The MSPCA is always in need of blankets, towels, sheets, and much more! If you take your newspapers over to the MSPCA, please take a look at their wishlist and needs below to see if you have something else you can part with and help some furry friends in need!!

    (I'm not affiliated with the MSPCA but I do know they are always happy to receive any donation no matter how large or small).

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    I think this calls for a UHub

    I think this calls for a UHub community action of gathering up Globe Directs to deliver in bulk to the MSPCA. Let's engage the city councilors and other officials who also are fighting Globe Direct's nonsense.

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    Nave child

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    I've noticed that for U-Hubbers' (me included), "Community Action" is limited pretty much to whatever we can rant on (and on, and on) about from the safety and relative anonymity of our MacBooks. And even then, only until the next shiny object happens by to attract our very limited attention.

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