Flamingos land in Jamaica Pond

Flamingos in Jamaica Pond

Sometime overnight, a flock of pink flamingos landed on the island at the Perkins Street end of Jamaica Pond. The pond's native geese and ducks gave them a wide berth.


H/t BostonStrolls.



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    Mixed feelings

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    I think this is cool, though I hope they have a return trip planned in the near future to remove them. What is cute and whimsical one day is trash the next.

    Pink flamingos

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    I'll volunteer to help clean up after they have lost their luster. In the meantime there are a lot of folks enjoying them. Not bad for local business either.

    Local business?

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    What, exactly, is the local business to that island? The British School? If people like them, then fine but c'mon...

    Yarn bombers

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    Do the folks who do thinks like yarn bomb the Mass Ave bridge go back later and take their stuff down or does the DPW do that?


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    It all depends upon what arrangement the head of the Joining Project made with the State DOT, you know, since she got the OK from them to have the work installed there.

    Since permission was granted, I don't think people call them Yarn Bombs, it's now more of an art installation.



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    these are the great grandchildren of the flamingos ellen gave to me and betsey for graduation from simmons!