Getting steamed near the Pru

Steam venting near Huntington Avenue in Boston

Brian D'Amico watched the steam venting from a manhole on West Newton at Huntington Avenue this afternoon. Police closed West Newton while workers tried to beat back the steam.

Copyright Brian D'Amico. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.




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    It's amazing how you have a

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    It's amazing how you have a story for literally everything. Everything. How do you manage this?

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    I just happened to be there

    It was weird, and a bit alarming, and I simply witnessed and reported on it from another perspective.

    The world outside mommy's basement is actually an interesting place, Anon troll. You might check it out sometime.

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    Not a troll, Swirlz. I just

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    Not a troll, Swirlz. I just have to carry a crap phone that doesn't hold logins and I'm usually to lazy to re-login.

    It doesn't lessen my astounding astonishment that you have a personal connection to literally every single thing that happens in greater Boston. I actually feel I should probably admire how much you get around.

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    The cop is working his regular shift.....

    So he isn't costing anything. Plus, ever try to put up sawhorses on a street and no person? They get moved by the first person who thinks they need to get down that street.

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    It's a major intersection.

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    It's a major intersection. Lots of people use that block of W Newton (between St. Botolph and Huntington) as a place to rejoin Huntington after cutting through on St. Botolph (from Mass Ave). W Newton is also one of the (few) roads that cuts through the SW Corridor and so has quite a bit of cut through traffic. Bottom line, it's a high traffic area. Cops (and their lights) are needed to protect the workers and, like it or not, the cops and their lights have more authority than a sawhorse.

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    So what's new?

    I have that 'same picture' from 30 years ago. I think the steam line at that intersection is perpetually broken

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