Here's the guy with the scally cap and shamrock tattoo who police say stole a claddagh ring in South Boston

Claddagh thief in South Boston

Boston Police have posted this pair of photos of the guy they say walked out of Gold City on Broadway with a claddagh ring on Thursday.

If somebody's just offered you a new claddagh ring, drop a dime quarter to the BPD tip line, 1-800-494-TIPS.



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    After reading some other

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    After reading some other crime posts and finding out that the offenders end up getting set free, why bother helping cops catch him? He will just be let free. Free on some kind of bail of we are lucky. Released without bail and a free ring if we are not lucky.. Criminals got it made. No fear for them.

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    Is Boondock Saints 3 filming

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    Is Boondock Saints 3 filming in the area? If so, I'd drop in on that. In my mind the entire cast is a suspect right now.

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    Yeah, and the other 30,000

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    Yeah, and the other 30,000 people living in Southie are d-bag yuppies.

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    Police line up

    You do know the point of a line up, right? It is to put relatively similar looking people with an alibi in with the suspect to see if the victim can specifically ID their assailant.

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    I Always Learn Something New On Universal Hub

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    I've seen people wearing these before, but never knew what they were called.

    Universal Hub is the greatest source for news and information; I always learn something new!

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