I have an appointment in Dorchester next week, so will be making a stop at Morrissey Boulevard

To drop off some of the Globe Direct bags that keep getting dumped on our porch no matter how many times I contact Globe Direct to ask them to stop. If you live in Roslindale, West Roxbury or Hyde Park and have some of your own bags, let me know. I've got plenty of room in my car for a collection to give back to the Globe.



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Please passive aggressively wag your finger (mutumbo style) at them for me while you're doing what I've wanted to do for the 8 years I've lived here.

also can you dedicate an entire portion of your site to tracking people who provide the Globe with similar return services or start a hashtag or something...whatever it is kids do these days to tell the man to F off


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I'm not even sure Globe Direct is associated with the Boston Globe. Does anyone have any evidence of this besides them sharing a name?


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I would have save mine for you, you should bring all over you junk mail.


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This is going to sound strange, but I had to google Globe Direct bags. Either they don't deliver them to JP or just not to my street.


I would...

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But they finally stopped delivering to my house about a month or so ago.

To be honest, I haven't seen many on my street at all any more.

If only I had known!

I direct Globe Direct directly to my recycling bin each week. But if people want organize a campaign, I can start saving mine for the big drop-off party.

Count me in

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Although, to be fair, things have improved. The papers still arrive, but now they appear on my stairs the same morning the trash gets picked up, so I only have to move them a few feet for disposal as I leave for work.

Adam, at least they make it

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Adam, at least they make it to your porch. In Revere where I am they just get dropped off on the sidewalk in front of my house.

Consider a media partner

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I'm sure the Herald would enjoy covering your "return" to the Globe.
Too bad you did not schedule the event on Earth Day....

Oh, the irony....

Good luck.

a fluke?

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Our street in Roslindale did not get a Globe Direct delivery today.....and I can guarantee no one called looking for them either. However, last week the bags were just plain old clear bags.

Would love to have had a bunch for you to add to your collection; but we use them on our dogs walks.

Globe Direct--a public nuissance

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That's a great idea to return the Globe Direct Bags. I had been using them for my compost pile, but that's getting a little too much newsprint. I have been fighting this delivery for almost a year, about the same amount of time I have no longer been a Boston Globe subscriber. That's what the year has taught me--if you have ever subscribed to the Globe, you will get and will be unable to stop the dreaded Globe Direct Bags.

You could call Rosemary O'Callahan, Customer Service Advocate at the Globe at 617-929-8839. She is a polite and apologetic supervisor who is unable to stop the deliveries.

You could contact David McNulty, who is sympathetic but doesn't seem interested in taking action from the Mayor's Office.

You could also contact the City's DPW, who regulate litter on City streets, but they believe that the Globe's delivery advertisements is somehow caught up in the corporation's "free speech" rights, and they will not take action.

So we are left with the disposal of hundreds, if not thousands, of packages of litter on our streets, sidewalks, driveways, curbs, and occasionally on private property. However, no public official or Globe Direct supervisor is able to stop the practice.

Thanks Adam for raising this issue.