If Susan Tran ever gets tired of reporting, she can always sell cutlery

Susan Tran

Our favorite weapons-grade reporter was at it again yesterday, waving a large knife around on camera to introduce a report on a Haverhill convenience store held up by a man waving a large knife around.

In the past, the plucky reporter has used a pickaxe to hack through a wall and a hatchet to chop a sandwich in half.



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      She get an A for effort

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      Which has me wondering, do carry around a beach chair when visiting Southie?


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      save it for next winter.

      Graduate of BU's Broadcast Journalism program

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      She should consider giving her degree in broadcast journalism back to BU and beg for a refund. Clearly BU's educational prowess has failed her. Maybe BU can get out in front of it and disavow that she ever attended the school.

      She's better than most TeeVee reporters in this market

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      Cut her some slack! She's smart, hardworking and ethical. She's competing with bottle-blondes in sleeveless dresses for attention. It's all about appearances these days, folks.


      Alliteration on background graphics worse than props

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      Worse than the props is the insistence by Ch. 7 on using alliteration in the background graphics while the anchor introduces the story, sometimes with alliteration for every story in a half-hour newscast. "Marathon Mourns," "Woburn Weeps," "Boston Bakes" etc. Enough! 7 would have decent news if not for the nonsense.


      Ginzu Saleswoman

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      NOW how much would you pay! But wait, there's MORE!


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      I think it's kinda sexy.