Just avoid the turnpike in town for the next few weekends

Turnpike lanes in Boston

Brian D'Amico photographed the lane restrictions on the turnpike headed toward the Pru Tunnel yesterday.

MassDOT will be restricting lanes in the tunnel the weekends of March 28, April 4 and April 25 to allow for removal of an old and no longer needed noise-buffering ceiling in the tunnel.

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Storrow Drive too?

I just came off the bike path near the Allston tolls and it looked pretty damn busy. Seems as if there is a bunch of extra traffic from the Turnpike on Storrow.


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The MassDOT page I linked to warns of extra traffic on roads such as Storrow and 93, comes as close as it can to saying just avoid Boston altogether without actually saying that.

I believe a lot of people

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I believe a lot of people jump off the pike at the tolls. The traffic going east is really congested after the tolls. Maybe people are seeing it and jumping off before they get stuck in it.

I took a stroll down the

I took a stroll down the Esplanade yesterday afternoon, Storrow didn't seem horrible, down by MGH it was its usual mess, otherwise busy but not congested up to Mass Ave, no clue what it looked like further west. Maybe today more people took the advice to stay off the Pike...

Bad idea, actually

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Extremely expensive, and yet terribly inefficient. The shut down time would not be terribly productive as it takes hours to set it up and take it down.

There is a lot of information on this sort of thing on the US DOT websites ... try checking on that before opining.

It was!

The lane restrictions were all night. It was about 60 hours of continuous work, as I understand it.

Yeah, they were definitely

Yeah, they were definitely working through the night. Just the setup and take down of the lane restrictions has to take several hours, its an impressive project.

likely the same reason they

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likely the same reason they're closing government center for 2 years. you can get a lot done in longer, continuous periods of downtime than short periods of time every day. think about how much time it would take just to set up and break down - you'd easily double, maybe triple the amount of time it would take. yes, its an inconvenience, but they're being very upfront about the closure plan, giving people plenty of notice to find alternate routes, and are trying to get it done as quickly as possible.


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Especially when you factor in the time (and costs) necessary to set up and take down the traffic controls on the Pike.

I'm really glad they are

I'm really glad they are paying attention to skip work during Easter weekend and the start of spring break. We'll be suffering on the way back from Logan after spring break though.

The project website is really

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The project website is really confusing. I'm about as familiar with the Pike's entrances and exits as it's possible to be, yet I couldn't figure out exactly which ramps will be open and closed on the different weekends.