Leave your front bumper at Allston Street and Comm. Ave.?

Transit and Boston Police are looking for the driver of a white mini-van or station wagon who managed to slam into both a trolley and a light pole there around 1:40 p.m., leaving behind a front bumper and taking out a traffic light before somehow disengaging from the mess and speeding down Comm. Ave. towards BC.



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No, ex-Somervillian

and current Hâ‚‚Otowner.

Boston police might or might not pull you over for being bumperless, but Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline, etc. will. And Staties will too. When my bumper was mangled back in the 'ville, a cop parked behind my van (minus bumper) and asked what happened. I showed him the dead bumper and told him which body shop was replacing it, and he was like, "get it towed, or drive there before 7 am. If we see you, we'll ticket you."

Given the budget crunches, I'd be surprised if patrol officers *weren't* looking for unsafe vehicles to ticket.