Man sought for stealing Cambridge pub's safe

Wanted for Cambridge burglary

Cambridge Police report they are looking for somebody who put some serious effort breaking into Paddy's Lunch, 260 Walden St., last week - and who made off with a safe containing $20,000.

Police say the guy pried open three doors to get into an office around 4:50 a.m. on April 22. He then removed a 2'x'3' safe containing the money.

If he looks familiar, contact detectives at 617-349-3351.



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    Always Sunny

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    This seems really similar to the episode of Always Sunny where a guy breaks into the bar and steals the safe. Even better that the bar in Always Sunny is also called Paddy's.

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    Someone had to know where the

    Someone had to know where the safe was and what it contained in order to work so hard to get it. Either it's an ex-employee, or an employee was bragging to a friend ("Oh yeah, our safe has about $20,000 on Monday nights, then the boss goes to the bank on Tuesday morning.")

    OR, it's some weird way to pay off a gambling debt, make it look like a crime, and make an insurance claim.

    Nobody has invented a way to get a better image from one of these cameras?

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    Would you keep that much cash in your establishment overnight, even if it's in a safe? Obviously it's an inside job.

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    I'm trying to decide if,

    I'm trying to decide if, overall, it's safer to keep that cash in the safe and do a bank run during the day, or to pile it in your car and do an after-hours deposit late at night. I think I would do the former.

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    Have you ever been in Paddy's?

    That sounds like an entire month's receipts for that tiny joint. Cool neighborhood spot -- ain't many like it left in Cambridge.

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    That's a fairly busy street

    as it's one of the only connections between North and West Cambridge. Even at 4:50 am, I'm surprised someone could get away with this and not attract attention from bystanders and neighbors.

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