Mass. Ave. bridge gets yarn bombed

Yarn bomb on the Msssachusetts Avenue Bridge

Marlena Love shows us some guerrilla knitters had some fun on the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge today.

Deborah Elizabeth Finn also paused to take in the city's newest yarn bombing:

Yarn bombing over the river



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    Some string art, wrapped around the bars, very abstract/freestyle. I could not figure out how to take a decent shot of that long and narrow installation, so my hat's off to the photographer.

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    It's The Smoot Bridge.

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    You mean

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    The NOWHERE NEAR Harvard Bridge. That's MIT there, son!

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    Unsung Heroes!

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    Whoever is responsible for this,

    Thank you for spreading joy, color, and fun into the world!

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    Why it called the Harvard Bridge (and measured in Smoots)

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    The story I heard is that someone from MIT won a contest where the prize was to name the bridge. The person though the bridge ugly and decided that an ugly bridge should be named after the school up the road. But alas that is apocryphal. Plus I think it's a great bridge to cross at night. The wide expanse of river, the distant skyline, the pleasant breezes in the summer all make crossing it a relaxing and even pleasurable experience.

    The bridge is measured in Smoots but not called the Smoot bridge. Mr. Oliver Smoot permitted the use of his body as the length of measurement. Mr. Smoot also wound up being chariman of the National National Standards Institute (thank you Widipedia), an appropriate occupation for a man who lent his height as a yard stick.

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    I like the idea of yarn bombing, but then it rains and the yarn sags, discolors and molds. It is totally disgusting.

    It's a great idea that doesn't hold up to the elements.

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    Yarn Content

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    I'm assuming most yarn used for this project is acrylic or otherwise synthetic; it shouldn't mold or otherwise decay. Actual quality wool yarn is very expensive.

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