Missing: "No more hurting people ... Peace" banner

Seems somebody removed the Martin Richard memorial banner from the bridge to Savin Hill over the Expressway. Its creators are wondering why - and where it is.



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I hope that it was just the wind that may've carried it away. Every time I see a photo of that kid it really bothers me.


I'm doubting that MassDOT would want this banner hanging over the most congested highway in the state for too long. They may have let it slide, but if this thing gets loose in the wind, MassDOT probably would have be liable for any damages should an accident happen after they had failed to remove it.

Maybe the people who made it should rent a billboard nearby. I'd chip in to that if I can scrounge anything up.

Maybe, but they've let all

Maybe, but they've let all those tatty American flags stay up on overpasses for years past the time when they should have been taken down. I'm specifically thinking of an overpass out on the Pike where someone has put up an American flag every year since 2001. By now, the oldest flags are looking particularly old and should be taken down for decency's sake.

Missing "no more"

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Indeed, MassDOT took it down. They're returning it to the local artist who helped create it.

personally I doubt it.

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That thing was anchored on pretty tight. I took my dog for a walk this weekend and went over the overpass; it was windy as heck and the banner wasn't moving in the least.