New signboard messages announced

State transportation officials say the following three messages, which will start showing up on electronic signboards on our highways, are the best possible messages of the 500 or so submitted by the motoring public after the roll out of those Use yah blinkah signs back in May:

Road Rage Winner (August 15-18 - a top 10 travel weekend based on 2013 toll data)
"Keep Calm and Drive On" submitted by Patrick Casey, of Allston, MA

Distracted Driving Winner (Labor Day Weekend)
"Put down the phone! Your LOLs and OMGs can wait." Submitted by Justin Lovell, of Whitman, MA

Seatbelt Use Winner (Columbus Day Weekend)
"Make yah Ma proud, wear yah seatbelt" submitted by The Parent's Supervised Driving Program team of Safe Roads Alliance

Boston Magazine has a list of some of the losahs, some of which, to be honest, we think are better, but then, we don't run a statewide network of highways.



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      I'm astounded that this is

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      I'm astounded that this is even still a "thing". The first time I saw it, it seemed interesting, the second time less so, and four years later it's still fucking EVERYWHERE


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      It dates back to World War II. It's a classic.

      Oh hooray..

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      A "Keep Calm" entry.

      Will definitely help save lives of drivers in 2010. A+++, would meme again.


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      I thought the point was to emulate the use of Boston of those is just a British meme (Keep calm and XYZ on).

      My ideas weren't all winners, but they were better than the winners.

      Intentionally bland?

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      Consider how many people dangerously pulled out their phone to snap an Instagram of the USE YAH BLINKAH message. "Clever signs sink ships", or something like that.

      I was driving down 95 this morning and saw a Keep Calm one

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      I almost veered out of my lane because I was cringing.

      One thing I do like very much are the signs that tell me how long it will take me to get somewhere.

      For example,
      Exit 20
      5 miles
      34 minutes.

      Those boards are the best thing I've seen in my travels in a long time.


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      Imagine if we could do that on the Green Line! Oh, won't the future of technology be grand!

      They do, but only at Kenmore

      They do, but only at Kenmore for some reason.

      What happened to those Orange line displays that showed where the trains exactly were on the line?

      The signs at Kenmore only

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      The signs at Kenmore only tell you WHICH train is coming next (B, C, or D) not when. Though the Green Line should get real-time signs sometime next year hopefully, maybe 2016.

      The Orange Line displays you speak of are, sadly, all gone as far as I know. The one at Ruggles briefly lived on displaying bus times, but hasn't worked in a while now.

      I *think* such a display (or even multiple) may still exist on the Blue Line though. I recall one at Maverick last time I passed through there.

      Yay, more useless messages

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      Yay, more useless messages that serve no legitimate purpose.

      I'm willing to bet this is going to fault in more accidents than it prevents, due to people taking pictures of the signs while driving, like happened with the "use yah blinkah" ones.

      Does the state really think that someone is going to see a message board telling them to "stay calm and drive on", and suddenly change their mind about driving aggressively? Or that someone's gonna decide to buckle up because a sign told them to?
      No! They're not.

      I miss the days when these signs weren't allowed to display anything but important traffic/emergency information.